Steven Universe collabs with reknowned anime studio Trigger

first_imgYou can watch the episode over on Amazon. On Hori’s personal Tumblr, he announced the project with this message:“Boarded by Colin Howard, Jeff Liu and Rebecca Sugar. I participate as an animator. This is the first collaboration of Steven Crewniverse and studio TRIGGER! Rebecca-san, from the bottom of my heart, I’m most grateful to have been given this opportunity. And let me express my heartfelt appreciation to all of the staff!”Hori has always been a huge fan of Steven Universe. One quick look at his Twitter shows that he has a long history of drawing fan art of the characters in his spare time, and is constantly retweeting other animators on the show. There’s just so much animator-on-animator love here, you guys. Take a peek at some of his amazing Steven Universe fan art here. Steven Universe got a little push from the anime universe in this week’s episode when Takafumi Hori of the Japanese anime studio Trigger lent his talents to the animation.Hori has done key animation and direction for Trigger on Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia, but also did stellar work at anime studio Madhouse where he helped create Ninja Scroll, Redline, and Summer Wars.This week’s episode, titled Mindful Education, shows Steven and Connie battling their inner demons over past experiences and learning how to cope with them together. Hori assisted on several sequences for the episode, and it’s obvious that the bulk occurs in the dream-like meditation session between Steven and Connie.Take a peek at some of the lovely scenes from this week’s episode below. Beware! There are spoilers! <> <>last_img read more