Sega Rally and MotorStorm developer decides he prefers helicopters

first_imgJamie Lowes is a name you’ve probably never heard before, but if you like racing games then chances are you’ve played a game he’s had a key role in creating. His resume includes three Colin McRae games, two Sega Rally titles, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, and DiRT: Showdown. In all cases he’s played a senior role on the programming team, and for Colin McRae Rally 3 he doubled up and became designer, too.If that wasn’t enough to cement his credentials as a racing game pro, he also landed the job of programming the force feedback steering wheel and motorized seat used on the Sega Rally 3 arcade cabinet.You’d think the guy was in high demand for any and all racing games currently in development, but he’s left it all behind and turned his attention to a little helicopter. To be more specific, Lowes has gone indie, set up his own one man studio called VAMflax, and his first game entitled Chopper Mike has just been released on iOS and Android.Having spent 15 years developing racing games, going in another direction for a solo project doesn’t come as a surprise. Chopper Mike sees you take control of a helicopter with your task being to collect gems and not collide with anything other than the landing pad when you’re done.Chopper Mike is notable for a number of reasons. The visuals will certainly remind you of the secret levels from Mario Sunshine, and the 60fps framerate is certainly appreciated. But it’s the control system that will keep you playing. Getting 3D controls to work well on a touchscreen is difficult, but Chopper Mike has managed to nail it. The short video below demonstrates exactly how it works.In total there are 48 levels to complete across 3 difficulty settings and 5 new choppers to unlock as you go. Having played the game I can say it’s well worth the $1.99 asking price on Android or iOS (and there’s no in-app purchases to get in the way of your enjoyment). If you don’t have access to either of those platforms, don’t worry, Lowes is busy preparing the game for PC, Mac, and even Ouya releases.You can find out more over at the Chopper Mike website and view an abundance of gameplay videos on Lowes’ YouTube channel.last_img read more