Poll: Why Does Green Building Matter?

first_imgEveryone has their own reason for wanting to build green. A couple of years ago as a fun little experiment I asked people at Building Science Summer Camp what the most important aspect of Green Building was. I expected a pretty straight across the board “Energy Efficiency” answer. I wasn’t surprised to get health, global warming, durability, and forest conservation as answers, but I was surprised that I got them so frequently.That was before the Great Recession and the Big Housing Bust. Now, in hindsight, with energy prices skyrocketing, McMansions absolutely on the way out, and the housing industry looking for the next answer, what do _YOU_ think is the most important aspect of Green building? This week’s poll allows multiple answers because we at GBA understand that green building is not a one-dimensional topic. Please only vote for your top two topics. See Also: Green PrimerWhy Is Green Building Suddenly Such a Big Deal? Energy Use Is the Most Important Aspect of Green Building If you vote for the ‘Other’ choice, please leave a comment below to fill us in on your reasoning.What Is The Most Importyant Aspect of Green Building?online surveyslast_img

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