Countdown to Elements Lakewood: Activities and Installations

first_imgElements Music and Arts Festival started as a one-day festival in an abandoned shipyard in the industrial neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. This year, Elements progresses into a three-day camping event located in scenic Lakewood, Pennsylvania, over Memorial Day Weekend, complete with a lake, cabins, bonfires and a concoction of electronic flavors that will lure the best of NYC’s twisted underground two-and-a-half hours north of the concrete. The ambitious creators of BangOn! are finally bringing their talents to greener pastures and open fields, where they’ll combine carefully curated elemental themed stages powered by headliners like Tipper, Claude Von Stroke, Ott, Lee Burridge, Claptone, and Liquid Stranger, with one-of-a-kind visual art collaborations and large-scale installations; their most elaborate ephemeral adult playground to date. Tickets, cabins and shuttle buses from Port Authority are all still available here.Let’s talk about David Tipper, lionized for his trans-dimensional alien crunk encompassing diverse styles and themes, such as his downtempo sunrise and Tip-Hop sets. The live Tipper alchemy is a grandiose and enveloping experience—a sonic filet of the brain—enhanced by visual effects innovators like Android Jones. Get ready for full on intergalactic vibrations at Elements Lakewood with a first time collaboration with Tipper and This Portuguese vision maestro merges psychedelic imagery with digital fabrics and molecules, promising a brand new experience for fans old and new. (Check out a video preview here.)Elements Lakewood’s cosmic smorgasbord of eye candy will also include Earth Stage projection mapped design by multi-media visual pioneers Rhizome NYC and ritualistic exhibition creators The Reliquarium. At the heart of the festival is Deep Mind Terrors, an art warehouse blurring the lines between surreal visual experience and psychedelic chill-out lounge, curated by Brooklyn based creative minds Mitzi Peirone and Cadence Hooks. There are also themed rooms such as The Fortress of Comfort, a pillow lair to unwind in with psychedelic projections and ambient tunes, and The Chaos Room, an interactive space chock full of LED installations, projection mapping, and voodoo jam outs.More embedded installations include Lakewood Sanatorium, an interactive theater tour through the asylum for a glimpse of the elemental witches that hold dominion over the minds of it’s patients. Delve into multiple rooms filled with actors from mystical worlds, complete tasks & play games to discover revelations from the Mystic and the Oracle. Freaks, get ready to get weird in the woods with a costume contest! The most stylish and decadently dressed group, seen dancing the most Saturday afternoon will be rewarded with $150 to spend on food & beverages + a free Elements Merch Pack. Check in with your group at 2pm on Saturday at the Water Stage donning your best looks!Wanna roller skate? Tiki Disco’s in the house to keep you grooving and moving. Practice your disco skating moves in the on-site roller rink to beats provided by NYC native legends Eli Escobar, Lloydski, and Andy Pry. There will also be, yes, a Pirate Ship. Hop on for a roundabout on the lake and listen to a 3-piece pirate band playing all your favorite high seas shanties! Ye wooks be warned, too spun and you’ll walk the plank! Camping vibes will be kept alive nightly with BYOI bon fires – Bring Your Own Instruments! (accordions, guitar, percussion, flute, horn, your voice, etc). A different host will lead the melodies each night. Want to switch it up from the untz of the other stages? Come enjoy a drink and listen to your favorite classics and live bands Snakes & Suds rock bar, a full pop-up dive.This is only a small dose of the cosmic sights, ethereal sounds and meditative embellishments that will submerge you when you join the BangOn! family in Northeast Pennsylvania May 26-28. The synergy of the seductive musical menu and  omnipresent creativity ingrained in the human fabric of the artists and producers of this event will engulf and maybe embolden you to take something intangibly powerful home. You cana also watch a preview of the going-ons at the Earth Stage and enter to win a 3-day pass here. Check out the main website for FAQ, directions and details.[Cover Photo: Chris Lazzaro]last_img read more

One in five in U.S. report delayed health care during pandemic

first_imgRoughly 20 percent of U.S. adults who were polled about health care during the coronavirus pandemic said that they or their household members delayed receiving medical care or were unable to get care at all due to the crisis, according to a recent study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and National Public Radio.“We were really shocked,” said Mary Gorski Findling, lead study author and senior research associate at Harvard Chan School, in a Jan. 6 article in Verywell Health. “It was much higher than we expected. It’s concerning when we ask people, why aren’t you getting care? People are saying their doctor’s office wouldn’t see them, canceled their appointments, or they don’t feel safe there.”Among those who said they received delayed care, 57 percent said they experienced negative health consequences.In other findings, a majority of households that include people with chronic conditions reported cutting back on care. And one in seven adults reported that household members delayed or were unable to get an elective procedure, with 54 percent reporting negative health consequences because of it.Other authors of the study included Robert Blendon, Richard L. Menschel Professor of Public Health and professor of health policy and political analysis, emeritus, and John Benson, senior research scientist in the Department of Health Policy and Management. Read Full Storylast_img read more

TBAB supports cancer research for 6th year in a row

first_imgObserver File Photo Former Notre Dame student Colleen Boyle gets her head shaved at last year’s The Bald and the Beautiful event. The club raises funds and spreads awareness for cancer research, with nearly 300 shaves per year.“The event has two beneficiaries, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which supports pediatric cancer research, and Memorial Hospital, who cares for those inflicted with pediatric cancer right in our community of South Bend,” Soler said. “The money that goes to St. Baldrick’s is used to help fund their existing charity work, while Memorial has used the money to fund a new oncology renovation, which will help patients live more comfortably and fight their diseases with the newest technologies and medical care.”Soler said every year, roughly 100 girls show their solidarity in the fight against cancer by donating their hair.“Each year, we have close to 100 girls who generously donate their hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths,” he said. “Additionally, we even have a few girls shave their heads. If girls don’t want to get their hair cut, every girl can get a hair extension, which is a great way to support and show solidarity.”Soler said planning the event is an ongoing commitment by the organization’s members.“We are continually confirming commitments for the next year from all sponsors, donors and participants,” Soler said. “As co-chairs, we are constantly in contact over the summer and throughout the semester.TBAB hopes to raise a record amount of money this year, he said.“TBAB has averaged anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 each year,” Soler said. “This year, especially after partnering with Notre Dame Baseball who fundraised over $18,000 in February, we’re hoping to make a TBAB record and raise $70,000.”TBAB recently became an official club whose members help run the event, junior member Amanda Buerger said.“The members of The Bald and the Beautiful work before the event and the day of the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly,” Buerger said. “A lot of work goes into making this event successful, from ordering the extensions, getting volunteer stylists, advertising [and] having various smaller events throughout the year.”Soler said club members were integral to the planning of TBAB.“We couldn’t have done it without the help of our fellow club members,” Soler said. “Each Sunday afternoon of the spring semester, TBAB members gathered to discuss and plan every aspect of the event. From dorm sponsorship to stylists who volunteer their time, everyone involved in TBAB is integral to making it all work.”Buerger said the event is powerful to witness.“The most meaningful part of helping with TBAB is seeing the kids from Memorial come to this event,” Buerger said. “A few patients from the hospital come in each year to meet the football team and see what this event is. To get a chance to see the kids that this event is aimed to help is really special.”Tags: Cancer research, TBAB, the bald and the beautiful, the history of the bald and the beautiful In 2009, 140 Notre Dame students participated in the first iteration of The Bald and the Beautiful (TBAB). Since then, senior and co-chair Frank Soler said the event has grown exponentially in size.“Students, faculty, members of the South Bend community and many other staff members participate in TBAB,” Soler said. “With close to 300 shaves per year and close to 2,000 participants in six years, TBAB continues to expand throughout the ND community.”Soler said his sister, junior Catherine Soler, and her friend from Duncan Hall started TBAB in response to a Notre Dame student they knew who died from cancer. In his memory, TBAB raises funds and awareness for cancer research.last_img read more

Eat More Fish.

first_img“More specific guidelines are provided for those with elevated lipids, heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, congestive heart failure and kidney disease,” Freeman said.Vitamin supplements still aren’t recommended. “The guidelines also suggest caution following fad diets like high-protein,” Freeman said.The “Revised 2000 American Heart Association Dietary Guidelines” and the consumer booklet, “An Eating Plan for Healthy Americans,” are available at An overall healthy eating pattern. “The guidelines recommend we eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables,” Freeman said, “and six or more servings of grain products per day.” Meals should include fat-free and low-fat dairy products, legumes, poultry, lean meats and at least two servings of fish (especially fatty fish like salmon and tuna) per week.A healthy body weight. Use commonsense suggestions, such as don’t eat too much or drink too much alcohol. Also, limit fat intake to less than 30 percent of your total calories, and limit high-sugar, nutrient-poor, calorie-dense foods. Exercise, too, on most days of the week.A desirable cholesterol level. Limit foods containing saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol. Limit cholesterol to 300 milligrams per day unless you’re at high risk. Then keep it to 200 milligrams per day.A normal blood pressure. Limit salt intake to less than 6 grams per day (2,400 milligrams of sodium). That’s slightly more than 1 teaspoon a day. The consumer booklet is also at the local AHA office.center_img The American Heart Association’s new guidelines are designed to help reduce heart-disease risk with healthier foods and less heart-threatening lifestyles, experts say. Among the recommendations: eat more fish to fight high cholesterol.”The new guidelines are easier to use,” said Janine Freeman, an Extension Service nutritionist with the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences. “They stress an overall eating pattern rather than watching specific percentages of dietary fat or other nutrients.”The revised guidelines include achieving and maintaining:last_img read more

Vegetable Fun

first_imgThe beginning of the school year usually means the return of a more regular mealtime schedule for families. This makes it a great time to introduce or reinforce healthy eating habits. For many parents, convincing kids to try new vegetables is the most difficult aspect of getting them to adopt a healthier diet. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents and specialists have developed an arsenal of tips and tricks to help introduce new vegetables to young people. Keep trying.Remember that children sometimes need to try a new vegetable about 15 times before they decide that they like it, so persistence is key. Make a plan to explore new flavors.Print a list of fruits and veggies, then ask each family member what foods they like, what they want to try and what they’ve never heard of. Use your list to pick a few produce items to buy each week. Consider adding a new fruit or vegetable that they want to try to the meal plan every other week.Involve kids in the kitchen.Involve your children in choosing and preparing vegetables. Take your children to the farmers market or grocery store and let them pick a new fruit or vegetable for the family to try that week.Kids are more willing to taste something new if they helped to pick it out, wash it and prepare it. Be creative.Try cutting fruits and vegetables in different shapes. Shred carrots to make carrot confetti or buy a spiralizer to make vegetable “spaghetti” out of squash. Wavy cutters can make crinkle fries or waffle chips. The new shapes may make the same old veggies a little more exciting. Don’t forget to accessorize.Embrace dipping sauces. Just like ketchup gives potatoes familiarity, having little cups of hummus, ranch, pesto or even spaghetti sauce can make veggies more appealing.Play a little game of hide-and-seek. Incorporate veggie pasta into spaghetti dishes. Some grocery stores sell ready-made veggie “pastas,” but families can also make their own from squash or zucchini using a spiralizer. Try cauliflower pizza dough and let the children help make the pizza. By helping with the preparation, they will take ownership of the dish and be more likely to try something new. If all else fails, hide veggies on pizza, in smoothies or favorite foods until kids decide they’d like to try them solo. For more information on healthy eating, visit read more

PR Insight: 3 keys to creating super fans

first_img continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Apple, Starbucks, Nike—what do these companies all have in common? For starters, they are at the top of their game in creating brand awareness. More importantly, these companies have an incredible following of “super fans.” These super fans can best be described as being completely loyal to a particular brand.For instance, every time Apple announces the date for a presentation of new products, Apple enthusiasts immediately have the date and time of the launch marked on their calendars and are ready to drain their savings accounts to obtain the new slew of products. Similarly, Starbucks has started releasing special drinks like the Unicorn and Zombie Frappuccino; fans race to get one in their hands and post the perfect Starbucks selfie.While credit unions are not releasing specialty drinks or a lineup of gadgets boasting the latest technology, most are familiar with the importance of member loyalty. One of the biggest driving factors for choosing a credit union over a bank is the member-centric experience credit unions provide. But in order to turn members into super fans, credit unions need to incorporate strategies that attract, engage and retain their members.last_img read more

Imperial Riviera achieves 2019% revenue growth in 53

first_imgIn 2019, a total of HRK 149 million in investments were made According to the revised results for 2019, Imperial Riviera generated a total revenue of HRK 264 million last year, which is a growth of 53% compared to the year before.  The business year 2019 was extremely dynamic and significant for the Imperial Riviera based in Rab, which has been operating under this name since June last year, when the Makarska Hotels were annexed to the then Imperial. With this merger, Imperial Riviera ranked among the 10 leading tourist companies in Croatia. In addition, at the end of October, Allianz ZB pension funds and Valamar Riviera recapitalized Imperial Riviera in the amount of HRK 426 million.  According to the Imperial Riviera, the most significant investments were the reconstruction of the hotel and villa Carolina according to the TUI Sensimar product standard, the second phase of investment in Padova Premium Camping resort by Valamar which increased the camp category to 4 *, and repositioning the Padova hotel according to Valamar’s Family Hotel standard. with the construction of additional content mainly intended for children’s animation. At the end of 2019, new investments in the amount of HRK 226 million were started, mainly related to the renovation and repositioning of the Meteor Hotel in Makarska, the renovation and upgrade of the Valamar Parentino Hotel (ex Valamar Zagreb) in Poreč and the third phase of investments in Padova Premium Camping Resort by Valamar on Rab. “These business events opened a new historical period in the development of our company and also marked the beginning of a new five-year business plan that envisages 1,5 billion kuna of investment in the reconstruction and renovation of facilities, but also further expansion of the portfolio. After the recapitalization, the Valamar Zagreb hotel in Poreč was purchased and the reconstruction and upgrade of the hotel began immediately. With this purchase, Imperial Riviera became the owner of 7 hotels, 3 tourist resorts and 2 camps with a capacity of 10.000 guests “, pointed out Vlado Miš, President of the Management Board of Imperial Riviere.   “The results should be viewed mainly in the context of acquisitions, and investment activities in product development and business improvement. Realized operating profit (EBITDA) amounts to HRK 90,8 million and represents an increase of 42,5%. Balance sheet stability, large monetary potential and a very favorable net debt and EBITDE ratio enable an even stronger continuation of the investment strategy and strengthening the competitiveness of products and services. Therefore, due to business synergies and further strategic considerations of development and growth, with the influence of majority owners, Allianz ZB pension funds and Valamar Rivera, further improvements and growth in the business of Imperial Riviera are expected.”They conclude from the Imperial Riviera. Photo: Imperial Rivieralast_img read more

A prudent Assembly

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MSC’ Terminal Investment, Contship Agree on Sale of MCT Share

first_imgMediterranean Shipping Company’s Terminal Investment Ltd (TIL) has reached an agreement to take over control of Medcenter Container Terminal S.p.A. from Italian terminal operator Contship Italia.Contship Italia and TIL’s subsidiary Itaterminaux S.à.r.l. have executed a share purchase agreement related to the sale of 50% of CSM Italia Gate, which owns 100% of MCT.The parties did not disclose the terms of the transaction, for which the regulatory approvals are still pending. The companies launched negotiations on the sale in mid-March 2019.MCT is the concessionaire of the container terminal activities in the port of Gioia Tauro and TIL already owned 50% of CSM Italia Gate S.p.A. At closing, TIL will own 100% of CSM Italia Gate S.p.A. and will indirectly control all the shares of MCT.Contship Italia Group started and has been running the now largest Italian container terminal for over 24 years.last_img read more

My father had wanted me to be a boxer-Abu Azeez

first_img Azeez with teammates at the fifa beach world cup in Paraguay 2019 The Computer mathematics graduate of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education talking from lockdown which rampaging coronavirus pandemic has forced all sports men to embrace said he has continued to train indoors to keep fit as he hopes to be in super form after the covid-19 sabbatical. Azeez who has already netted three goals and three assist this season for Warri Wolves, is hoping to do better when pitch action resumes. “I will like to see the team do better and end the season on a high” even as he  hinted he would like to go into sports administration or analysis after playing. “I see the likes of Okocha, Yobo and others making good analysis of the game and I am encouraged by that and I think that is what I would like to do.  When you retire from football you cannot but remain within the circle,” he submitted. Abu Azeez made his debut for Nigeria at the 2009 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Dubai where he scored twice. Read AlsoBeach Soccer Worldwide ambassadors: Abu Azeez listed Although Nigeria crashed out in the group stage of the competition, it nonetheless served as a launching pad for the former Kwara United ace who went on to win several laurels in beach football including emerging top scorer at the Africa Beach soccer cup of Nations 2013 and African Beach Games 2019. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted ContentCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?7 Famous And Incredibly Unique Places In ThailandPlaying Games For Hours Can Do This To Your Body”Chronicles Of Narnia” Fans Were Bemused To See How She Looks Now10 Celebrity Dads Who Have A Bad Relationship With Their Kids9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo6 Movies Where A Car Plays A Key RoleWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do This5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True10 Absolutely Unique Facts About Kanye Warri Wolves forward and Super Sand Eagles sensation Abu Azeez has revealed that he would have been a pugilist after all. The former Enyimba and Rangers international ace said his late father had wanted him to go into boxing as opposed to football.  He however noted that he had to shun the idea according him “I don’t have the heart for that kind of sport” He made the revelation while discussing his career so far on radio 104.7 S.M.A FM. He gave his mother a pat on the back for backing him all the way as he attempted to make his dream of playing football become a reality. He further revealed that his mother aware that he was getting a lot of pressure not to go into football as a career told whoever cared to listen to leave his son a lone to pursue his dream. “My mum simply told everyone to leave me alone to live my life” he enthused Azeez who became an instant hit in beach football where he showed a lot of courage and skill opined that regular football is a cheaper nut to crack than beach football. “Beach football is not easy at all when you finish playing it could take you weeks to overcome the pains,” he submitted.center_img Loading… last_img read more