Real Good Food secures further debt facility

first_imgShareholders in Haydens and Renshaw owner Real Good Food have agreed to give the business a £4m short-term debt facility.The move comes three weeks after the business announced it had secured a £2m overdraft facility with Lloyds Bank after discovering a shortfall in its finances, with Real Good Food (RGF) shareholders NB Ingredients and Omnicane Limited each putting up £1m as security.At the end of last month, RGF reduced its earnings expectations for the financial year ended 31 March 2017 to £1m. This was half the figure suggested by the business earlier last month, which was itself around £3m lower than previously forecast.Today (21 September), RGF said Omnicane, NB Ingredients and funds managed by Downing LLP would provide a loan of up to £4m, with each shareholder participating equally.The funds will be used to boost cash availability as the company builds up stock in the run-up to the Christmas trading period, and as its capital investment programme continues.RGF today announced that the first part of an £11m investment in Haydens, a yum yum line, had gone live and delivered its first product last week.The company added that one of two new lines at Renshaw was producing stock for the Christmas period, and that a new jam line at R&W Scott had started to deliver product to a retailer.It added that the remaining investment in manufacturing lines at Renshaw and Haydens was due to be completed by the end of December this year.Today’s announcements comes a week after RGF vowed to improve its corporate governance and reporting after payments were made to two directors for consultancy services but not properly disclosed in transaction notes for the company’s accounts in 2014 to 2016.The RGF board said it would be appointing external advisers to conduct a review of the company’s corporate governance and financial reporting procedures, and would make a further announcement when the review had been completed and “any necessary changes implemented”.Based on overall trading year to date, the board said it expected the company to achieve an EBITDA of £6.5m in the year to 31 March 2018.last_img read more

Frank Viele Had Hometown Fans Capture His Concert Footage For This Exciting New Video [Premiere]

first_imgEmerging from the New England scene, singer/songwriter Frank Viele has been surrounded by music for his whole life, and continues to press the boundaries in the live setting with an incredible band. Performing over 150 shows per year, Viele has put together a road-tested band of jam players, including Jordan Simms (Everyone Orchestra/Juggling Suns), Andrew Cusanelli (On The Spot Trio), Dee Miller (Da Rezerekt/Rowboat Casino) and Max Cappello.Fresh off of winning the 2016 New England Music Awards for “Performer of The Year” and “Album of The Year”, Frank Viele is set to release the video for his fourth single off of his newest album, Fall Your Way. Entitled “Kalifornia,” the video was filmed live at a full band sold out show in New Haven, Connecticut, using footage from fans’ cell phones.“We decided to play a hometown show in New Haven, Connecticut to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of my album, Fall Your Way.” says Viele. “The song, “Kalifornia”, off of that record was a personal favorite of the band and had become a fan favorite live as well.  So we decided as a group to take a shot and have our fans, for this sold out show, take video on their cell phones and email them to us in the hopes that we could edit them together to make a cool video displaying the overall vibe of this celebration.  We were beyond happy with how the footage came out and really excited to say this video was made by our fans and for our fans.”Watch the exciting new video, premiering below exclusively via L4LM:In addition to the new video, Viele has some exciting tour dates up ahead, including a spot at the Dewey Beach Music Festival and a set at Pacific Standard in New Haven, CT. Meanwhile, the band will be working on a new studio effort to follow up Fall Your Way, so keep your eyes out for fresh new Viele grooves!You can see the upcoming tour dates below, and head to the band’s website for details and more information.Tour Dates:9/22/16 – Dewey Beach Music Festival Dewey Beach, DE9/23/16 – Dewey Beach Music Festival Dewey Beach, DE10/28/16 – Pacific Standard (Gov’t Mule Afterparty) New Haven, CTlast_img read more

Group to premiere advocacy video

first_imgThe 4 to 5 Movement will premier a new video tonight called “It Needs to Get Better,” which gives suggestions for creating an environment of inclusion on campus for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) students. The video is based on the “It Gets Better Project,” a campaign to prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth. The campaign’s website,, provides personal videos to prove life will get better for them after high school, said sophomore Dani Gies, a member of the 4 to 5 Movement who appears in the video. Gies said the goal of the 4 to 5 movement, which is a Progressive Student Alliance (PSA) initiative, is to encourage the University to make greater strides toward inclusion.  “We feel that part of our Catholic identity is to create a welcoming and warm environment for all members of the community,” Gies said.  Senior Jackie Emmanuel, co-president of the PSA, said college life can be just as difficult as high school for some LGBTQ students. “Sometimes even college atmospheres don’t have structures in place to protect LGBT students in the ways that they need to,” Emmanuel said.  Gies said the 4 to 5 Movement’s video features many different members of the Notre Dame community, each of them explaining ways in which the University can change to promote inclusion.  “[The video is] addressing the University at large, telling them what the current campus atmosphere is, what the current campus policy is, and how that policy needs to change in particular ways in order for certain groups to actually feel like they’re a part of Notre Dame,” Emmanuel said.  The video advocates for a gay-straight alliance on campus and an amendment to the non-discrimination clause to protect LGBTQ students and faculty, Emmanuel said. Student Senate recently passed resolutions in favor of both additions, and Emmanuel said she hopes the video will alert the administration of student support for these measures. “We’re hoping that [the video] will support Student Senate’s resolutions … and then hopefully it will inspire the rest of campus to follow suit,” she said.  Undergraduate students, law students, faculty and staff appear in the video, Gies said.  Emmanuel, professors Peter Holland and Pamela Wojcik of the Film, Television and Theatre Department, law student Steve Baugh, and sophomore Alex Coccia, also co-president of PSA, are included.  “All of them volunteered to be a part of the video because they felt that putting a face to what we were saying was really important and all of them wanted their voices represented,” Gies said.  She said the video’s message is powerful because it presents such a variety of perspectives from the Notre Dame community.  “We feel that more can be done,” she said. “We’re ready to take a stand on not only a campus-wide level, but on a national level. Having people’s faces representing the movement, representing all different members of the community in this video was really crucial.” Gies said Senate’s resolutions have paved the way for the 4 to 5 Movement to continue advocating for the rights of LGBTQ students. “We’ve been gaining momentum as of late with the Student Senate passing resolutions on the gay-straight alliance and the nondiscrimination clause,” she said. “[The video] is another way to show we’re not going away. We’re looking forward to effecting more change and to things getting better.”   “It Needs to Get Better” premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. in the LaFortune Student Center’s Montgomery Auditorium.  Gies said the video will also be posted on the 4 to 5 Movement’s Facebook page and the group’s website, read more

Stunning Moths

first_imgOver the last few years, I have waxed poetic about birds, bees and butterflies, but I have hardly given a mention to the lowly moth. I say “lowly” only in the numerical position of where most place the moth in a list of wonderful, natural things.Oddly enough, moths brought great joy to my family in various locales of Georgia this summer. Can you believe a moth post has now moved into first place in terms of the number of hits on the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm’s Facebook page?The moth, a scarlet-bodied wasp moth (Cosmosoma myrodora), has now beat images of beautiful hummingbirds; zebra heliconian butterflies; incredible, rarely blooming flowers; children looking at pumpkins; and the majesty of a million Christmas lights dazzling in our December Nights and Holiday Lights festival.I would like to think that the scarlet-bodied wasp moth climbing to No. 1 position on our Facebook page means something. Perhaps the great outdoors is still the place to be, or maybe it means the fight against “nature deficit disorder,” as Richard Louv so aptly called it in “Last Child in the Woods,” is being won. Probably it means that this is just one doggone beautiful bug.The scarlet-bodied wasp moth looks like it should be Spider-Man’s partner. Its abdomen and thorax are the richest red you have ever seen. It has an iridescent blue middorsal line that shimmers in the sunlight and transparent wings with black venation. It looks like it would bite, sting or be poisonous in some manner, but its appearance is its defense mechanism.Scarlet-bodied wasp moths are native to a tight band along the East Coast from South Carolina to Florida and a tight band in deep south Texas. They are native to Florida. Since initially spotting one on ‘Mystic Spires Blue’ salvia, we have seen them on sweet almond verbena and sweet autumn clematis. These two plants, which caterpillar larvae love to eat, are native climbing hemp plants in Florida.If you live elsewhere, you will not see this moth, but a visit to your local botanical gardens or a watchful eye in your backyard will most likely give you the opportunity to take in other moths and butterflies that will thrill the soul and draw your children away from the television. One moth that always elicits a “Wow!” is the luna moth (Actias luna). This huge moth is native from Nova Scotia west to Saskatchewan south to east Texas and every state east. The caterpillar’s hosts are white birches, sweetgums, hickories and persimmons. Oddly, the adults do not eat. They live about a week and their sole purpose is to mate.There will be one group in the North and two to three groups in the South. If you have seen one, it may have been close to a porch light as they are attracted to light. If you have never seen one, put this on your bucket list. They are best seen at night or in the early morning. Then there is the creature that many visitors claim is a bee. Another guest will say, “No, it’s a little hummingbird.” They love trying to photograph it until I step up to say it is a clearwing hummingbird moth (Hemaris thysbe). The visitors’ faces often look crestfallen because they loved it until it was identified as a moth.These moths are native in a large, diagonal sweep from Alaska and Canada to Oregon, then east to Maine and south to Texas through Florida. In other words, you have a pretty good chance of seeing these little, darting acrobats that do indeed look like small hummingbirds. They have a golden olive thorax and burgundy abdomen with wings that are mostly clear.Their larval hosts are honeysuckles, snowberries, hawthorns and various Prunus species. Like the luna moth, there is one group in the North and two groups in the South. Here at the Coastal Botanical Garden, the adults seem to feed on just about everything. Pentas, Cannas, Brazilian buttonbushes and sweet almond verbenas seem to be a few of their favorites. This is one fun pollinator to watch. When you tell the kids it’s a moth, say it with enthusiasm and a smile.Follow me on Twitter @CGBGgardenguru. Learn more about the Coastal Botanical Garden at read more

Oil exploration company Pilot Energy proposes 1,100MW offshore wind farm in Western Australia

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:Oil and gas explorer Pilot Energy is to commence a feasibility study into a massive 1,100MW offshore wind project, to be located on the Western Australian coast, and form part of a major wind and solar energy hub as the company looks to diversify its business outside of the fossil fuel sector.The ASX-listed company announced on Friday that it would commence an early assessment of the proposed Mid West Wind and Solar Project, which could see some of the world’s largest offshore wind turbines deployed in waters previously earmarked for oil and gas exploration. The company has a majority stake in an oil and gas exploration permit that covers an area of more than 8,600 square kilometres of Western Australian coastal waters, and the company believes the region could also serve as an ideal site for an offshore wind farm.The project could also draw upon a 160-hectare onshore site, as part of Pilot Energy’s existing operations at the site for the installation of a solar farm. Only one other large offshore wind project has been proposed for Australia, the 2,000MW Star of the South proposal in Victoria’s Gippsland, although it is still waiting for federal environmental approvals.Pilot Energy chairman Brad Lingo told Renew Economy that the Mid West project would be able to take advantage of high quality wind and solar resources, as well as drawing upon the work the company had previously undertaken to gain rights to oil and gas exploration at the site.Lingo added that the proposed project would be located close to the existing Three Springs substation, and would face no limitations on generation or network capacity, although Renew Economy suspect that some upgrades might be needed for a project of that size.Pilot Energy’s feasibility study will consider the deployment of up to 78 offshore wind turbines and could utilise some of the world’s largest wind turbines currently available, with a generation capacity of 14MW.[Michael Mazengarb]More: Huge 1,100MW offshore wind farm proposed in W.A. by oil explorer Oil exploration company Pilot Energy proposes 1,100MW offshore wind farm in Western Australialast_img read more

India’s Andhra Pradesh state government readies 10GW tender for new solar capacity

first_imgIndia’s Andhra Pradesh state government readies 10GW tender for new solar capacity FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Mint:In a surprise move, the Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy-led Andhra Pradesh government is expediting efforts to float India’s largest solar tender for setting up 10 gigawatt (GW) capacity, said three people aware of the development.Interestingly, the mega tender accounting for 14% of India’s green energy capacity to supply electricity to the farmers is in the works, even as 5.2 GW of solar and wind energy projects are hanging fire, due to the state government’s decision to reopen renewable energy contracts inked under the previous N Chandrababu Naidu government.State energy secretary N. Srikanth confirmed the mega solar tender development and said that Andhra Pradesh Green Energy Corporation Ltd (APGECL) is the nodal agency for the same.This proposed mega contract also comes at a time, when India’ solar power tariffs have touched a record low of ₹2.36 per unit at an auction conducted by state-run Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd. Falling clean power tariffs putting an already awarded 16.8 GW solar and wind energy capacity in limbo, as fund starved state electricity distribution companies (discoms) are unwilling to sign contracts for these previously awarded projects at a comparatively higher tariff, Mint reported earlier. Also, the Punjab government is seeking to renegotiate clean energy contracts for operational projects.Andhra Pradesh has around 7.7 GW of solar and wind projects and is home to India’s second-largest installed capacity of clean energy, accounting for around 10% of the country’s green energy capacity, with investments of ₹60,000 crore. The state has 4,092 MW of installed wind power projects awarded through feed-in tariffs. Also, the resource-rich state has 3,230 MW of solar power projects awarded through competitive bidding.Clean energy projects comprise more than a fifth of India’s installed power generation capacity. India has 34.6 GW of solar power and seeks to produce 100 GW from solar projects by March 2022.[Utpal Bhaskar]More: Andhra Pradesh to float India’ largest solar tender for 10 GW capacitylast_img read more

‘Friday at Fred’s’ hopes to relieve pandemic blues through music

first_imgENDICOTT (WBNG) — Music filled the streets of one Endicott Neighborhood Sunday, all thanks to a local guitar playing and singing duo. Made up of longtime friends Nino Samiani and Mark Blackwell, the two have been performing on porches around the Southern Tier since the pandemic began back in March. ‘Friday at Fred’s’ took to the porch of the Endicott Visitor’s Center for a three hour set, entertaining more than two dozen listeners who gathered on the lawn. “To bring some music into the world– Music heals it makes everybody feel better and it takes your mind off of everything going on in the world to listen to a few tunes,” Blackwell said. They say they’ll continue playing on porches every Sunday through the fall until the weather becomes too cold.last_img read more

An intensified inspection of illegal accommodation is expected this season

first_imgIllegal rental of private accommodation is a common occurrence in the heart of the tourist season. A large offer of rooms and apartments, and on the other hand too few inspectors, the wind is behind those who are looking for ways to earn extra money. However, it seems that intensified supervision of the Tourist Inspection awaits us this season. The current State Inspectorate announces that there is a possibility that during the tourist season, some inspectors from regional offices, such as Zagreb, Varaždin and Osijek, will be sent to help their colleagues on the Adriatic. Most inspectors work through regional offices in the area of ​​Rijeka and Split, but branch offices are also organized in places such as Pula, Rab, Crikvenica, Mali Lošinj and Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar and Korčula. The new organization of the Tourist Inspectorate is a significant step forward in the last five years, since the supervision of the registered activity is within the scope of the Customs Inspection. The State Inspectorate ceased operations in 2014, after which the inspections were distributed among the ministries, and tourist inspectors were left without the authority to control illegal accommodation because they were assigned to customs inspectors. Source: Jutarnji.hrcenter_img Thus, in five years, customs inspectors discovered only 448 cases in which they issued misdemeanor warrants or collected fines to unregistered landlords. Those numbers were significantly higher at the time of the State Inspectorate – according to the latest available data, over a thousand illegal rooms and apartments were sealed in 2009. The State Inspectorate announced that 52 inspectors have been working since April, in charge of supervising unregistered and illegal accommodation, out of a total of 65 jobs that have been systematized within the Tourist Inspectorate for the control of accommodation capacities on the coast, reports Customs inspectors proved unsuccessful in supervising illegal tourist accommodation, which, as they explained, they went to only on reports, and they were not allowed to enter facilities that were not registered to perform trade activities, Jutarnji reveals.last_img read more

Robbers grab 100,000 surgical masks at gunpoint as Ukraine enters shutdown

first_imgUkrainian shops, restaurants and transport shut down on Tuesday as the country tightened restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus, while police arrested five people suspected of trying to rob 100,000 surgical masks at gunpoint in Kiev.The country has seven confirmed cases of the coronavirus so far, including one death. The government has encouraged people to stay at home wherever possible except to buy food and medicine, but has stopped short of introducing curfews.Following a series of emergency steps introduced by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, parliament in a special session on Tuesday approved measures including fines and prison sentences for people who broke mandatory quarantine. “Of course, no one is happy about the restaurant shutdown,” said Mark Zarhin, the owner of a restaurant chain.”It is like a perfect storm in Lviv. We face both ‘plague’ and war today. It is the worst. But it’s not the fact that we close the restaurants that is bad, but the fact that we don’t know for how long. We cannot predict anything.”The nationwide shutdown will include the closure of the Chernobyl area, the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster in April 1986 that has since become a visitor attraction.Kiev’s main airport was mostly empty after the government banned passenger flights to and from the country, and announced a shutdown of domestic air travel from Wednesday.The authorities also announced the arrest of a group of people who, initially posing as members of the state security service, stole a stash of 100,000 surgical masks at gunpoint from a private seller who had stored them in his car.”Instead of negotiating the purchase and sale conditions, the criminals attacked [the seller], took the masks and beat the man,” Kiev police chief Andriy Kryshchenko said. “Wearing police uniforms and threatening to use firearms, the criminals took possession of the whole batch of goods.”  Topics :center_img The economic fallout from the epidemic also continued to bite as the hryvnia currency slipped to 27 to the dollar for the first time since June 2019.The central bank said it would not impose foreign currency restrictions and added it had $25 billion in reserves to continue market interventions.Nevertheless it warned of an economic hit on Ukraine, which is still fighting a simmering conflict against Russian-backed forces in the eastern Donbass region that has killed more than 13,000 people since 2014.In Lviv, a picturesque city of cobblestone streets in western Ukraine that is popular with tourists, restaurants and cafes closed and supermarket attendants wore masks and gloves while working at the tills.last_img read more

What channels will the Premier League be on? TV schedule and fixtures

first_img Confirmed Premier League fixtures and TV schedule Wednesday, June 17Aston Villa v Sheffield United 6pm (Sky)Manchester City v Arsenal 8pm (Sky)Friday, June 19Norwich v Southampton 6pm (Sky)Tottenham v Manchester United 8pm (Sky)Saturday, June 20Watford v Leicester 12.30pm (BT)Brighton v Arsenal 3pm (BT)West Ham v Wolves 5.30pm (Sky)Bournemouth v Crystal Palace 7.45pm (BBC)Sunday, June 21Newcastle v Sheffield United 2pm (Sky)Aston Villa v Chelsea 4.30pm (Sky)Everton v Liverpool 7pm (Sky)Monday, June 22Manchester City v Burnley 8pm (Sky)Tuesday, June 23Southampton v Arsenal 6pm (Sky)Tottenham v West Ham 8.15pm (Sky)Wednesday, June 24Manchester United v Sheffield United 6pm (Sky)Newcastle v Aston Villa 6pm (Sky)Norwich v Everton 6pm (BBC)Liverpool v Crystal Palace 8.15pm (Sky)Thursday, June 25Burnley v Watford 6pm (Sky)Leicester v Brighton 6pm (Sky)Chelsea v Manchester City 8.15pm (BT)Wolves v Bournemouth 8.15pm (BT)Saturday, June 27FA Cup QF: Sheffield United v Arsenal 5pm (BT)FA CUP QF: Norwich v Manchester United 8.15pm (BBC)Sunday, June 28Aston Villa v Wolves 12pm (BT)FA Cup QF: Leicester v Chelsea 2.30pm (BT)Watford v Southampton 4.30pm (Sky)FA Cup QF: Newcastle v Manchester City 6pm (BT)Monday June, 29Crystal Palace v Burnley 8pm (Amazon)Tuesday June, 30Brighton v Manchester United 6pm (Sky)Sheffield United v Tottenham 8.15pm (Sky)Wednesday, July 1Bournemouth v Newcastle 6pm (Sky)Everton v Leicester 6pm (Sky)West Ham v Chelsea 8.15pm (Sky)Thursday, July 2Arsenal v Norwich 6pm (BT)Manchester City v Liverpool 8.15pm (Sky) More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Remaining fixtures, subject to change Saturday, 4 July 2020 (3pm)Man Utd v AFC BournemouthBurnley v Sheffield UnitedLeicester City v Crystal PalaceNewcastle United v West HamNorwich City v BrightonSouthampton v Manchester CitySpurs v EvertonChelsea v WatfordLiverpool v Aston VillaWolves v ArsenalWednesday, 7 July 2020 (8pm)Crystal Palace v ChelseaAFC Bournemouth v SpursEverton v SouthamptonMan City v Newcastle UnitedWatford v Norwich CityWest Ham v BurnleyArsenal v Leicester CitySheffield United v WolvesAston Villa v Man UtdBrighton v LiverpoolSaturday, 11 July 2020 (3pm)Liverpool v BurnleyAFC Bournemouth v Leicester CityMan Utd v SouthamptonNorwich City v West HamWatford v Newcastle UnitedWolves v EvertonBrighton v Man CitySheffield United v ChelseaSpurs v ArsenalAston Villa v Crystal PalaceWednesday, 14 July 2020 (8pm)Arsenal v LiverpoolBurnley v WolvesChelsea v Norwich CityCrystal Palace v Man UtdEverton v Aston VillaLeicester City v Sheffield UnitedMan City v AFC BournemouthNewcastle United v SpursSouthampton v BrightonWest Ham v WatfordSaturday, 18 July 2020 (3pm)AFC Bournemouth v SouthamptonAston Villa v ArsenalBrighton v Newcastle UnitedLiverpool v ChelseaMan Utd v West HamNorwich City v BurnleySheffield United v EvertonSpurs v Leicester CityWatford v Man CityWolves v Crystal PalaceSunday, 25 July 2020 (3pm)Arsenal v WatfordBurnley v BrightonChelsea v WolvesCrystal Palace v SpursEverton v AFC BournemouthLeicester City v Man UtdMan City v Norwich CityNewcastle United v LiverpoolSouthampton v Sheffield UnitedWest Ham v Aston Villa Metro Sport ReporterThursday 11 Jun 2020 4:02 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link23Shares Comment Advertisementcenter_img The Premier League returns next week (Picture: Getty Images)The Premier League returns next Wednesday as six weeks of almost non-stop action begins, and all of it is available to watch.Every single one of the 92 remaining games will be shown live across Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and the BBC.Sky will be showing most of them (64), with BT taking 20 and four each will go to Amazon and BBC.If you don’t have a Sky Sports subscription it is not all doom and gloom as 25 of their allotted matches will be made free-to-air online and on freeview channel Sky Pick.ADVERTISEMENTNot all the fixtures and corresponding TV channels have been confirmed as yet, but here is what we know so far. What channels will the Premier League be on? TV schedule and fixtures Advertisement MORE: Jurgen Klopp admits he was ‘really worried’ about null & void Premier League scenarioAdvertisementAdvertisementMORE: Arsene Wenger airs Premier League concerns over Project RestartFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page.last_img read more