Top international coach wants to help rebuild T&T netball

first_imgPORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC):A leading international coach has expressed an interest in assisting the Trinidad and Tobago team in their attempt to dominate world netball, the country’s netball chief has disclosed.Dr Patricia Butcher, the president of the Trinidad and Tobago Netball Association says former Australian netball and New Zealand assistant coach, Vickie Wilson is interested in becoming technical director for netball in T&T.Dr Butcher and Wilson discussed the idea on the margins of the 14th Netball World Cup which concluded in Sydney Australia on Sunday.”So while in Australia my discussions were with people like Vickie Wilson, a former top Australian netball captain and player, who served as the assistant coach of the New Zealand team at the just concluded World Cup,” Dr Butcher disclosed.”She is willing to come down here and assist us.”Trinidad and Tobago, led by Joelisa Cooper, placed ninth in the 16-team tournament while the highest placed finishers from the Caribbean were Jamaica who secured fourth spot.Australia emerged the champions, beating New Zealand in the final.”Our team possesses the necessary netball talent to get back at the top, but the association does not even have the technical person that can take us there,” said the netball association president.”I’m not saying this to pull down anyone in T&T, but if we as a sport have to advance in terms of modern and scientific techniques, we need assistance at the highest level”.last_img read more

Sunshine Girls get massive beating

first_imgJamaica’s Sunshine Girls were beaten by 38 goals yesterday in the first encounter in a three-match netball tour of New Zealand. The Sunshine Girls went down 34-72 to a New Zealand team that is two places above them in the netball world ranking. As the score indicates, the host team completely outplayed Jamaica when they met at the Trafalgar Centre in Nelson. New Zealand, the world number two team, led after the first quarter 18-9 and never looked back. Match statistics revealed that Jamaica had far more turnovers and reflected a similar disparity at 43 to 18. The scores in the other three quarters were 16-7, 19-8 and 18-11. Shanice Beckford, who scored 15 goals in 19 tries, and Shantal Slater, with 10 goals from 13 attempts, were the best shooters for the team coached by Minneth Reynolds. Vanessa Walker chipped in with nine goals from 14 tries. The Sunshine Girls, who are world-ranked at number four, will be back in action against New Zealand on Wednesday (Tuesday night Jamaica time). The final match of the tour will be played on September 17. – H.L.last_img read more

CJ’s High Court decisions “well-reasoned” and profound – Jagdeo

first_img…says worn arguments, red herrings cannot influence Appeal CourtArguments in the cases related to the challenge of the validity of the no-confidence motion, currently before the Court of Appeal, include a refashioning of arguments that were made in the High Court and struck down in a “profound” and “well-reasoned” judgement that was handed down by the Chief Justice (ag), Roxanne George-Wilshire, according to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.During his most recent news conference, Jagdeo proffered the view that the lawyers representing the coalition Government’s interests have an almost impossible task of discounting the ruling of the Chief Justice (ag).“No amount of foreign representation that the Government will pay for with taxpayers’ money – and the use of taxpayers’ monies now is a problem in itself – will work….how will you get past the Constitution of Guyana and the ruling of the Chief Justice, a ruling that was profound and detailed…every argument being made now has been struck down by the Chief Justice with formidable reasoning,” he said.In filing the appeals, Attorney General Basil Williams argued that the Chief Justice’s (ag) ruling was “unreasonable and cannot be supported having regard to the evidence” – although the ‘evidence’ in question was not detailed. He argues too that the Chief Justice (ag) “erred and misdirected herself in law” when she upheld the validity of the vote on the no-confidence motion.Profound rulingsIn the Chief Justice’s (ag) ruling on the case claiming that 33 votes was not a majority of 65 in the National Assembly and, as such, the no-confidence motion vote could not be valid without 34 votes, she said: “The majority required by Article 106 (6), being a majority of all elected members of the National Assembly is at least thirty-three (33) members. As a result of the finding above, the no-confidence motion is carried as a requisite majority was obtained by a vote of thirty-three – thirty-two (33-32)…the President and the Ministers cannot, therefore, remain in Government beyond the three months within which elections are required to be held…I, therefore, find that Cabinet is now required to resign with all convenient speed, as the resignation under Article 106 (6), in my view, takes immediate effect following the defeat of the Government in a vote of confidence by a majority of all elected members of the National Assembly. In this case, Cabinet must be taken to have resigned with immediate effect from the evening of December 21, 2018, and all functions or duties provided in any law to be performed specifically by Cabinet must have ceased from that time”.Jagdeo noted that the “34 argument” – in one of the appeals of the High Court ruling – continues to be made in the Appeal Court and he drew attention to the Chief Justice’s (ag) ruling which validates the position that 33 is the majority vote. The Chief Justice (ag) in her ruling had said, “In the case of a ‘simple majority’ the determination of a majority is based on the number of persons present and voting. In the case of an ‘absolute majority,’ thedetermination of a majority is based on the total number of or all the Members elected to the National Assembly”.The Opposition Leader said, “I would like to see what kind of creativity will be used…the Chief Justice’s ruling on this was factual, logical and well-reasoned,” he said.Another of the High Court arguments being “refashioned” in the Appeal Court – in a second appeal of the High Court ruling – relates to dual citizenship. The Opposition Leader pointed out that the Chief Justice (ag) was clear in calling out the Government for benefiting from the vote cast by former Alliance For Change (AFC) parliamentarian, Charrandas Persaud, who holds a dual citizenship, but then challenging the validity of his seat in the National Assembly when his vote did not align with the interests of the coalition.The Chief Justice (ag) had ruled that sitting as a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly while holding dual citizenship is unconstitutional, but Article 165 (2) provides that proceedings of the National Assembly are not invalidated by the presence or participation of a person not entitled to do so – therefore, Persaud’s vote is valid.Jagdeo said, “The Chief Justice ruled that dual citizenship is not contemplated in our Constitution (relative to Members of Parliament), but she did not invalidate the vote…Article 165 (2) is clear on this…what argument will Government use now? I have not heard them address Article 165 (2)”.Article 165 (2) of the Constitution states that: “The Assembly may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its membership (including any vacancy not filled when the Assembly first meets after the commencement of this Constitution or after any dissolution of Parliament) and the presence or participation of any person not entitled to be present at or to participate in the proceedings of the Assembly shall not invalidate those proceedings.”Court cannot extend timeA third argument currently before the Appeal Court relates to an application for a stay of execution of the High Court ruling which would, in effect, extend the time of the coalition Government in office beyond the March 21, 2019, deadline.The Opposition Leader noted that there is also an attempt to have the Appeal Court extend the life of the APNU/AFC coalition Government, past the March 21, 2019, deadline – the deadline for polls in Guyana.According to him, the Judiciary cannot be used to “supplant” the Legislature – since, according to the Constitution, it is only by a two-thirds majority vote in the National Assembly that the deadline can be extended. “Only legislators in two-third vote can extend the life of the Government; not the court or anyone else….if the courts try to do that they will be putting themselves above the Constitution…so the timeline, I don’t see, how it can be extended,” he said.Article 106 (7) states that: “Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.” Additionally, the Explanatory Memorandum, on Page 15, of Bill 14 of 2000 – Constitution (Amendment) – the Bill that introduced Article 106 (7) – said: “Clause 5 alters Article 106 to provide for the resignation of Cabinet and the President following the defeat of the Government in the National Assembly on a vote of confidence. Although defeated the Government shall remain in office for the purpose of holding an election”.The Opposition Leader, during his March 6, 2019, meeting with Granger, had proposed that General and Regional Elections be called on or before April 30, 2019. He informed Granger that this is the only condition under which the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) will support the coalition Government – which needs to have a two-thirds vote in the National Assembly – to extend the March 21, 2019, deadline. Granger rejected this offer.GECOM financingThe fourth major argument being “refashioned” in the Appeal Court, in a second application made by the Government – an application for a conservatory order to maintain the status quo ante of the Government – relates to the Guyana Elections Commission’s (GECOM) ‘needs’ for financing.The Opposition Leader, during his news conference, said, “They are now saying they need to stay on in power because GECOM will not have enough [money]”.Noting that GECOM has indicated that it needs just over $2 billion to hold General and Regional Elections, Jagdeo charged that the Commission should already have $5.371 billion in its account, in accordance with the Fiscal Management and Accountability (FMAA) (Amendment) Act 2015. Section 80 B (8) makes it clear that: “The appropriation of a constitutional agency approved by the National Assembly shall be disbursed as a lump sum by the end of the month, following the month in which the appropriation was approved”. Of note is that it was President Granger, in August 2015, who signed off on the Fiscal Management and Accountability (FMAA) (Amendment) Act.Jagdeo stressed too that GECOM has total discretion over the use of its annual appropriation in accordance with Article 222 (A) of the Constitution. Article 222 (A) of the Constitution says: “In order to assure the independence of the entities listed in the Third Schedule – (a) the expenditure of each of the entities shall be financed as a direct charge on the Consolidated Fund, determined by a lump sum by way of an annual subvention approved by the National Assembly…(b) each entity shall manage its subvention in such manner as it deems fit for the efficient discharge of its functions, subject only to conformity with the financial practices and procedures approved by the National Assembly to ensure accountability”.The Opposition Leader also called attention to the fact that Finance Minister Winston Jordan confirmed that GECOM can spend its annual appropriation as it prioritises. Jordan, on November 19, 2019, during the consideration of the 2019 budget of GECOM, a constitutional agency, in the National Assembly, said: “Mr Chairman, the sum of $5,371, 061,000 is given as a lump sum to GECOM to use as it sees fit and as it prioritises.”Further, he pointed out that although highly unlikely, if GECOM needs money beyond the $5.371 billion it has at its disposal, GECOM can have recourse to the Contingency Fund without resort to the National Assembly. Jagdeo stated that this point was made by former Attorney General Anil Nandlall in the Appeal Court.“GECOM has more than enough money than it needs…this argument is to open a new front to legitimise an illegitimate Government…the nonsensical arguments can be made, but it will not change the facts,” Jagdeo said, adding that the argument about financing is a red herring being used to mislead the Court.No judicial coupAdditionally, on the night of December 21, 2018, as well as the day after, the statements from President David Granger, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, and other coalition Government Ministers, indicated an acceptance of the consequences triggered by the passage of the no-confidence motion.However, in the following weeks, the coalition Government signalled its approach to the Judiciary. At that time, the Opposition Leader warned against any action that could in effect be translated into a judicial coup. He had said, “We believe that the Judiciary must not engage in any action that could violate what is so explicit in our Constitution and it’s explicit that the Government must resign or else, we’ll have a judicial coup reversing what took place in Parliament. We cannot have that, the Constitution is clear…all of these legal manoeuvrings are intended to thwart the will of the people and the Constitution…it is clear that the coalition Government has lost a no-confidence motion.”After the motion was passed in the National Assembly on December 21, 2018, House Speaker Dr Barton Scotland on January 3, 2019, refused Government’s ‘request’ to reverse the ruling he made on the night of the vote. While the High Court upheld the validity of the vote on the no-confidence motion, the same was done by the Legislature.last_img read more

Taylor Flats 200 back for its fourth year

first_imgTAYLOR, B.C. – The Peace Country River Rats will be bringing jet boat racing back to the Peace Region this coming Labour Day weekend.The 4th Annual Taylor Flats 200 will be taking place on September 3rd and 4th starting at 9:00 a.m. on both days. Trapper Wolsey with the River Rats says that the race will see between 20 and 25 boats zooming along the Pine River from Peace Island Park to Happy Hour Corner all morning, before racing along the group’s 5.5 mile circuit on the Peace River.There will be five classes of boats entered into the race, with the Top 3 drivers eligible for trophies and a cash prize. Wolsey says that anyone with a boat can catch the races along the banks of both the Peace and Pine Rivers. Those without a boat can watch from the bleachers at Peace Island Park. The group will also be hosting a show’n’shine on Friday, August 2nd at the North Peace Leisure Pool parking lot from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.- Advertisement -The River Rats are still looking for event sponsors and volunteer. Anyone wishing to participate in the event can contact Trapper at 250-262-7411 or Kathy at 250-787-2999. For more information, visit read more

Nielsen named to Canada White roster for upcoming U17 World Hockey Challenge

first_imgCALGARY, A.B. – With action set to get underway next week, Hockey Canada has finalized the rosters for the three Canadian teams participating at the 2016 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge in Sault Ste. Marie next week.Fort St. John native Tristen Nielsen will be playing for Team Canada White, which will be coached by Lethbridge Hurricanes head coach and former Calgary Hitmen Assistant General Manager Brent Kisio. Nielsen, who currently has one assist in five games playing in his first full season with the Hitmen, says that he’s incredibly excited going into the tournament, especially playing for the team that won the U17 in Dawson Creek last year.In addition to playing for the Hitmen, Nielsen is also a veteran of playing internationally, when he represented Canada at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer earlier this year. He said that the he feels that the experience has given him an advantage over some of the other players that tried out, knowing some of the Hockey Canada staff, their methods, and their expectations. He added that he’s excited to play with Joe Veleno, who is the only player that will be returning to the U17’s this year, this time playing for Canada White. He will also be bringing in his WHL experience, which he says has far more structure in terms of learning new positions and new skills than Midget hockey that he’s played up until this year.- Advertisement -Nielsen said that apart from the hockey itself, he is also looking forward to meeting the other players representing both Canada and the other five countries at the tournament, learning who the competition will be going forward into the NHL Entry Draft in several years’ time. After leaving for Sault St. Marie next Monday, Nielsen will be spending the week practicing before Canada White’s first preliminary round game on Thursday against Canada Red. The team begins the tournament on October 30th at 4:00 p.m. EST against Canada Black.The Essar Centre and John Rhodes Community Centre will play host to the eight teams who will gut it out during seven days of competition in the hopes of securing gold for their country. Team Canada Black, Team Canada White, the Czech Republic and United States will play in Group A, while Team Canada Red, Finland, Russia and Sweden will comprise Group B.last_img read more

Wear pink and support ending women’s cancers

first_imgWednesday marks the second annual Wear It Pink Day.The national campaign tries to encourage people to wear anything pink coloured and to sign up for a weekend walk to end women’s’ cancers. This year’s walk will take place on Aug. 13 and 14. Participants can choose to walk either 60 kilometres over the two-day period or 32 kilometres over one day.- Advertisement -The walk will happen in different Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.Kathryn Baverstock is a local Fort St. John resident who will be participating in the walk in Vancouver.The walk is very important to Baverstock since her mother died several years ago from breast cancer.She says she will be out on Wednesday trying to raise awareness for the walk and will be encouraging residents to sign up.Advertisement She says that even the owner of Patch Java is on board and for every customer that goes in wearing something pink, he will donate 10 per cent the person’s purchase to the cause.All the money raised from the walk in Vancouver goes directly to the BC Cancer Foundation.For more information on the walk and Wear It Pink Day, click here.last_img read more

Rivera interviews with Cowboys

first_imgChicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera met with team owner Jerry Jones to discuss the head coaching vacancy created when Bill Parcells retired more than two weeks ago. Rivera was the ninth person Jones interviewed. Indianapolis quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell will become No. 10 today. Redskins’ Jansen signs new contract: Washington Redskins right tackle Jon Jansen signed a five-year, $23 million contract extension. Jansen is the team’s longest-tenured player and had two years left on his previous contract, but he agreed to a new deal that includes more than $10 million in bonus money. Also: Former Atlanta Falcons offensive line coach Tom Cable was hired to fill the same role with the Oakland Raiders next season. Cable was the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at UCLA for two seasons. … The Miami Dolphins signed seven free agents: former Oakland and San Diego linebacker Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, tight end Jason Rader, wide receiver P.K. Sam, defensive tackle Steve Fifita, quarterback Gibran Hamdan, linebacker Bobby Iwuchukwu and kicker Matt Prater. … Jeff Rutledge was hired as Arizona’s quarterbacks coach, one of four more assistants hired by new Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. Freddie Kitchens was hired as tight ends coach, Mike Miller as offensive assistant and Matt Raich as defensive quality control coach. Whisenhunt also will retain assistant defensive backs coach Rick Courtright from departed coach Dennis Green’s staff, and Richie Anderson will switch from tight ends coach to wide receivers coach. … Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs was dropped from the NFC’s Pro Bowl roster because of a left foot injury. Briggs will be replaced by Tampa Bay linebacker Derrick Brooks, who’ll make his 10th straight Pro Bowl appearance. … New England Patriots left tackle Matt Light was chosen for the Pro Bowl, replacing Jonathan Ogden of the Baltimore Ravens on the AFC team. … Tennessee cornerback Cortland Finnegan pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a plea agreement to settle a drunken driving charge. Finnegan received a six-month suspended sentence, and he will be on probation until he completes 20 hours of community service in the agreement. … Britt Reid, the 21-year-old son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, was charged with drug and weapon offenses stemming from an incident in which he is accused of pointing a gun at another motorist. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Kids need more milk, sun and exercise

first_img“There’s some early data showing that even a 10 percent deficit in your bone mass when you finish your adolescent years can increase your potential risk of having osteoporosis and fractures as much as 50 percent,” says Dr. James Beaty, president of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Already there’s evidence that U.S. children break their arms more often today than four decades ago – girls 56 percent more, and boys 32 percent more, according to a Mayo Clinic study. Kalkwarf’s hospital recently found that kids who break an arm have lower bone density than their playmates who don’t. That suggests the fracture rise isn’t due solely to newer forms of risky play, like inline skates. And last year, government researchers found overweight children were more likely to suffer a fracture, even though theoretically their bones should be hardier from carrying more weight. Maybe they have poorer balance; maybe they fall harder. Kalkwarf says there even are hints that fat itself may produce bone-harming substances. Doctors have long known that less than a quarter of adolescents get enough calcium. But strong bones require more than calcium alone. Exercise is at least as important. Consider: The dominant arm of a tennis player has 35 percent more bone than the nondominant arm. And Canadian researchers recently reported that postmenopausal women who had exercised more as teens had 8 percent stronger bone decades later than their more sedentary counterparts. Yet childhood exercise is dropping as obesity rises. Likewise, the body can’t absorb calcium and harden bones without vitamin D. By some estimates, 30 percent of teens get too little. It’s not just that they don’t drink fortified milk. Bodies make vitamin D with sunlight. With teen computer use, urban youngsters without safe places to play outdoors and less school P.E., it’s no wonder D levels are low. Because skin pigment alters sun absorption, black children are particularly at risk. Rickets marks the worst deficiency, where bones become so soft that legs literally bow. Rickets was once thought to have been eradicated with milk fortification, but “I am now treating rickets in a way that I never treated it 20 years ago,” says Tosi, who diagnoses rickets or super-low D levels in children every month at a bone clinic she runs for mostly inner-city children. Doctors who’ve never seen rickets can miss it. Charlene Bullock repeatedly asked her 5-year-old’s doctor why his leg was bending inward and he could no longer run with his playmates. It took a trip to Tosi’s special clinic to learn Na-shun had rickets – the once energetic child had quit running because his bones ached like an old man’s. Fortunately, rickets caught early is easily cured with high-dose infusions of vitamin D and calcium, and Bullock’s son quickly rebounded. “He’s doing everything with that little leg.” It’s the kids whose low vitamin D hasn’t gotten quite bad enough for symptoms that Tosi most worries about. They may never get treated.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! WASHINGTON – Too little milk, sunshine and exercise: It’s an anti-bone trifecta. And for some kids, shockingly, it’s leading to rickets, the soft-bone scourge of the 19th century. But cases of full-blown rickets are just the red flag: Bone specialists say possibly millions of seemingly healthy children aren’t building as much strong bone as they should – a gap that may leave them more vulnerable to bone-cracking osteoporosis later in life than their grandparents are. “This potentially is a time-bomb,” says Dr. Laura Tosi, bone health chief at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington. Now scientists are taking the first steps to track kids’ bone quality and learn just how big a problem the anti-bone trio is causing, thanks to new research that finally shows just what “normal” bone density is for children of different ages. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREPettersson scores another winner, Canucks beat KingsDr. Heidi Kalkwarf of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital led a national study that gave bone scans to 1,500 healthy children ages 6 to 17 to see how bone mass is accumulated. The result, published last summer: The first bone-growth guide, just like height-and-weight charts, for pediatricians treating children at high risk of bone problems. Next, the government-funded study is tracking those 1,500 children for seven more years, to see how their bones turn out. Say a 7-year-old is in the 50th percentile for bone growth. Does she tend to stay at that level by age 14, or catch up to kids with denser bones? If not, is she more prone to fractures? Ultimately, the question is what level is cause for concern. “I don’t know if we’re raising a population that’s going to be at risk” for osteoporosis, Kalkwarf cautions. “It’s really hard to know what the cutoff is, how low is too low.” But almost half of peak bone mass develops during adolescence, and the concern is that missing out on the strongest possible bones in childhood could haunt people decades later. By the 30s, bone is broken down faster than it’s rebuilt. Then it’s a race to maintain bone and avoid the thin bones of osteoporosis in old age. last_img read more


first_imgA Gortahork man has been “given a chance” after being ordered to pay €1,500 to a man he assaulted.Martin MaguireMartin Maguire of Ardsbeg, Gortahork, appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court in relation to assault causing harm to Andrew Sweeney at Magheraclogher, Bunbeg on October 27, 2008. Maguire pleaded guilty to the charge before Judge Francis Comerford yesterday.Judge Comerford imposed a three month prison sentence, but said he would suspend the sentence if Maguire paid over the compensation.He said Maguire had been “given a chance” because he had gone to work in England in order to raise money for compensation.The accused man handed over €1,000 of the compensation to the court and has a week to hand over another €500 if the prison sentence is not to imposed.He agreed to sign a bond to be of good behaviour.GORTAHORK MAN ‘GIVEN A CHANCE’ AFTER PAYING €1,500 TO ASSAULT VICTIM was last modified: May 6th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:assaultdonegalMartin Maguirelast_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL AND DANIEL GO HEAD TO HEADFinally we’re within touching distance of it. Sunday May 17th – a date we’ve been counting down to and scouring the usual outlets for tickets. Got yours yet?DanielMe neither. But here’s a dead cert. O’Donnell to start in the front line and you can take that as gospel. And here’s another cert. Donegal will – I repeat – will easily take care of Tyrone in Sunday’s Ulster SFC Preliminary Round clash and so what if you’re not at MacCumhaill Park to watch them roll over their North West neighbours. Particularly when you could just as well be on Dungloe’s Main Street watching the game on the big screen and with the added bonus of having ‘wee Daniel’ to perform for you.Nice touch that man. Not just the idea to raise funds for Dungloe Community Hospital with a gala concert or the fact that it is being done as a thank you for the care the hospital and its staff took of his late mother, Julie, last year in the closing days and hours of her life. No Dan the Man has decided to put the big screen in place at the Cope car park so fans – including himself – can watch events unfold from Ballybofey.An impressive line-up both there and in the Rosses should make for an entertajnjng afternoon and the fans will be winners at each venue. Except, of course, those from the O’Neill County.I know Rory Gallagher has been dismissing his team’s comfortable win over Tyrone in the Allianz League a couple of short months ago insisting that it would have little relevance to the Championship. He’s right there – league form and results count for nothing when it comes down to what is basically the only competition in town. Mickey Harte has lost a handful of players from his squad but even before that his team had lost something. And I don’t believe they’re going to find it in time for this year’s Ulster Championship even if Sean Cavanagh is back in the frame.Not that victory on Sunday will have the rest of the G.A.A. world talking up Donegal again as potential champions. But it will still represent a solid start as Gallagher attempts to emulate his predecessor’s golden reign.Meanwhile, back in Dungloe, Daniel to triumph and the pretty little girls from Omagh and their men folk to head back across the border only half happy with the day’s events.PUT IT THERE, JOHN!Not too often you get to be in the presence of a record breaking event in the sporting arena but such was the case for local athletics followers, this one included, who saw – and heard! – Finn Valley A.C.’s John Kelly throw a remarkable 18.61 metres in the 6kg shot putt in Lifford on Sunday. The popular young St. Johnston man not alone set a new Donegal record but also a National Junior record while making the qualifying standard mark for the European Junior Athletics Championships which are scheduled to take place in Sweden in July.You could hear his reaction in Strabane (seemingly they were even pricking their ears up in Sion Mills) as he celebrated the achievement with fellow competitors, coaches and family and friends, pumping his fists in the air and wearing a smile that broke clean through the afternoon clouds.Being one of those heathens who tend to concentrate soley on what’s happening on the track itself and too often ignoring events elsewhere, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the shot putt arena where young Kelly was going about his business with many a verbal accompaniment. And when he managed the decisive throw it was time for all of us to take note and applaud the performance.Warm embraces followed along with many a handshake and Bernie O’Callaghan climbing on the winners podium at the Lifford A.C. venue to get a photograph taken with the hero of the hour (to be more accurate the hero of many other hours, both past and future, by the sound of it). It was great to be present for it and to acclaim the younger Kelly, James, who also set a new Donegal and Ulster record in the under-16 putt with a throw of 17.81 metres in the 4kg category.And on an afternoon of some quality athletics between the showers, Letterkenny girl, Arlene Crossan, wearing the colours of Finn Valley, also achieved a European Youth standard with a leap of 5.80 metres in the long jump pit.A memorable day for Patsy McGonagle’s club and not forgetting the performances of many of the other young athletes on show.GOLDEN SHOTA handful of days after Mickey Funston netted the undisputed goal of the season (step aside, Stephanie Roche, there’s a new contender for the Puskas Award), the world of football was rocked to its very foundations this week when ‘Soccer Republic’ on R.T.E. actually mentioned Finn Harps and the club’s impressive start to the campaign. And even showed footage of the Bonagee Bomber’s score. As regular viewers will know, the First Division of the League of Ireland generally remains completely off limits to presenter and panellists on the weekly round-up programme formerly known as M.N.S.But here they were following up the showing of the Harps midfielder’s astonishing strike inside a spitful of seconds by spending  a minute or so reflecting on the table toppers, mainly courtesy of veteran pundit and former L.O.I. manager, Damian Richardson. “I think Finn Harps would be a great addition to the Premier League…I take my hat off to them, I’d love to see them back up,” Richardson maintained.Still top of the table after that narrow 3-2 win over Waterford United – the first goals Harps have conceded at home this season – and watched by none other than the local lion, Jason Quigley, who is continuing his climb up the international boxing rankings.Meanwhile, those who got along to Finn Park on Friday night will have noticed a host of Harps fans wearing ‘Roddy Collins’ masks. The bold Collins had, of course, the previous week indicated that he considered that Harps should be one of the clubs expelled from the league as part of a complete revamp.Down like a lead balloon in these parts – well, some of these parts anyway – and hence the ‘tribute’ to the Dubliner by home fans. And then, lo and behold, comes the announcement that Roddy has been appointed the new manager of Waterford United, last weekend’s visitors to Ballybofey. Two things: First signing: Roddy Collins Jnr.; secondly, both father and son to last until the end of the season if even that.SPECIAL DELIVERIESThe Special Olympics hasn’t had too much of a mention in these parts but it certainly deserves one this week.No less than three basketball teams from Donegal headed to the Antrim Forum at the weekend for the Ulster League Finals and all three returned with gold medals. And not just that but five of the overall squad were successful in the Skills Athletics category at the competition.“It was a brilliant performance all round from the two mens teams and the ladies team. They were just superb and we couldn’t be prouder of them,” coach, Chrissy Slevin from Convoy, tells me.The Men’s ‘A’ team claimed the Division One title; the Men’s ‘B’ side were victors in Division Three; and the Ladies team took the honours in Division One.Take a bow each team – you did indeed do your county proud. And here are the names who achieved those Ulster titles….Male ‘A’ team members: Daniel Cannon, Joe O’Hanlon, Michael Barrett, Michael Leavy, Michael O’Donnell, Christopher O’Donnell, Declan Storey, Stephen Dowds, and Oliver Boyle.Male ‘B’ team: Shane O’Neill, Shaun McCosker, Leon McDaid, Ethan Loghrey, Mark Duffy, Julian McIntyre, Dara Friel, Eugene McGeever, and Graeme Ballantine.Ladies team: Mary Strain, Siobhan McCay, Meliosa McDevitt, Treasa Barrett, Nicola McIntyre, Martina McGrath, Denise Kerr, Vicki Gill, and Marion Gallagher.Skills athletes: Anne O’Brien, Ronald Laird, Paul McLaughlin, John McGinty, and Janice Wylie.CAR TROUBLEThere’s a well-known Finn Harps and West Ham United fan (who shall remain nameless, at least until the end of this article) who was attending a work related event in a Letterkenny hotel and asked for a lift to his home in the afternoon (let’s just say it’s in the Bonagee/Lurgybrack area) after it was over. When he got there, being the eagle eyed sort he is, he noticed the car wasn’t where it was supposed to be and assumed his good lady wife had left it somewhere.“So where’s the car?,” he asks her when he gets through the door. You had it, he was told. And so he had – having driven it to his work place at the Congress Resource Centre on the Pearse Road earlier that day.Anyway, said red-faced Harper and Hammer was forced to stroll all the way into town to collect it.Fortunately he’s a keen walker is our Brian…STEVIE TEE (SHIRT)Apparently Steven Gerrard wasn’t quite taken with the reaction of the Chelsea supporters at Stamford Bridge despite many of them giving him an ovation when he left the pitch before the end of Sunday’s 1-1 draw. The Liverpool legend hadn’t forgotten the abuse he had taken – both during that game and in many previous outings against the Blues – after rejecting transfer advances from the London club on a couple of occasions.That may have been the reason young Alan Doherty was running around this week wearing a tee-shirt bearing an image of ‘Pool’s midfielder and the logo: ‘Slipped or fell at work? If so please contact Stevie G…’And on the back of the same tee-shirt a mock advertisement promoting the new Stevie G football boot coloured yellow and shaped like a banana skin!BARCA ORR HARPSNot quite the artistic first leg performance from Barcelona last night but still enough to see off the challenge of the German giants even on the back of that 3-2 defeat. Loved the one on Facebook from Letterkenny man, Martin Orr, after last week’s opening leg: “Ok Messi, you’re a great player but you’ll never play for Harps!”.MESSI WILL NEVER PLAY FOR HARPS, AND FUNSTON HAS WON THE PUSKAS AWARD – IT’S WALSHY ON WEDNESDAY was last modified: May 13th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:columnFeaturesnewsPaddy WalshyWednesdaylast_img read more