FBI agent who helped Canada nab railway terror plotters has one big

first_imgOTTAWA – An undercover FBI agent who helped convict two men of plotting to derail a passenger train in Canada did not see the arrests as a triumph, because he feared another extremist had eluded his grasp.In a new book published under his cover name from the operation, Tamer Elnoury reveals how gaining the confidence of the would-be rail saboteurs led to knowledge of an apparent al-Qaida sleeper terrorist in the United States.Elnoury is still haunted by the thought of the jihadi who got away.“Every time I hear about someone committing a terrorist act on U.S. soil, I wonder if that was the American sleeper,” he writes.“My biggest regret is that I couldn’t find him.”Elnoury is among the small number of highly valued, Arabic-speaking Muslim agents doing undercover counter-terrorism work for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.“American Radical” traces his involvement in the investigation that led to terrorism convictions and life sentences in 2015 for Chiheb Esseghaier, a Tunisian citizen doing doctoral research in Montreal, and Raed Jaser, a stateless Palestinian who had come to Toronto as a teenager with his family.Esseghaier “popped up on the FBI’s radar” after he made contact with some al-Qaida operatives online, Elnoury writes. The FBI alerted Canadian officials, who opened their own investigation. Esseghaier had travelled to Iran twice in two years, arousing concern he was there for terrorist training.Canadian intelligence tried to “bump” Esseghaier — stage a casual meeting that seemed random — during a 2011 conference in Mexico, the book says. “The Canadians didn’t have a Muslim, so they used a Peruvian Christian. Chiheb’s English wasn’t that good. The hope was a native Arabic speaker would have a better chance.”Elnoury posed as a globetrotting American real estate magnate who despised western ways and funnelled his profits to his overseas uncle, a financier for al-Qaida.In June 2012, Elnoury managed to ensure he and Esseghaier were seated together on a flight to California. They quickly became friends and Esseghaier was soon openly talking about shooting down planes with a portable missile launcher, the book says. Elnoury believes Esseghaier saw him as a like-minded ally with the money to help fund his operations.Early that September, Elnoury, who had become close to Esseghaier, was called to a meeting in New York. A senior Canadian Security Intelligence Service official had flown in to hear what Elnoury knew about Esseghaier’s plans to go fishing with someone.Elnoury scoffed at the notion the intense Tunisian would ever go fishing, and advised that Esseghaier “is here to hurt us.”CSIS learned the fishing trip turned out to be a mission with Jaser to scout a railway bridge they planned to sabotage, sending a train that travels from New York to Toronto hurtling into the river below, killing many passengers.The file, now a criminal matter, was handed to the RCMP and Elnoury was enlisted to gather evidence. He paid a visit to his friend in Montreal.Elnoury portrays Esseghaier as zealously devoted to the extremist cause, but also someone who had a crush on a female colleague and enjoyed eating lobster and stopping in at Tim Hortons.During a drive to Toronto to meet Jaser, Esseghaier confided details of the operation: al-Qaida planners in Iran ordered him to cut a hole in the train tracks. He and Jaser would use jackhammers to cut the track, while Elnoury would be needed to act as lookout.Esseghaier told Elnoury he emptied his bank account in the spring of 2011, buying a one-way ticket to Tehran and planning to drive to Afghanistan, where he would die in battle. But in Zahedan, a town in southeastern Iran, he was recruited by al-Qaida. He returned the next year for training and was briefed on the train plot.Esseghaier also said something that made Elnoury’s heart race: there was a “soldier” in the U.S., an al-Qaida sleeper agent known as Al-Amriki, the American. Esseghaier expected to meet him one day.“We needed to rethink the case,” Elnoury writes. “Chiheb was our only link to the American sleeper. There was no way we could arrest him before we identified the other sleeper.”Planning for the train attack continued. But Elnoury pressed Esseghaier about meeting the sleeper. A key Iranian contact finally agreed it would be a good idea, and invited Esseghaier and Elnoury for a talk in Dubai.Elnoury wanted to go, but he was skeptical the Canadians would let Esseghaier travel overseas at this point. In April 2013, Eric Holder, then U.S. attorney general, flew to Ottawa to discuss the Dubai idea, the book says.However, the RCMP executed arrest warrants, ending the operation.Elnoury understood the decision. The rail plot case was over. And just a week earlier, bombs had exploded at the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring hundreds.“Everyone was on edge,” he writes. “No one wanted to let a terrorist slip out of our grasp.”But mostly Elnoury was angry. “I felt like the Canadians and the FBI wasted all of our hard work.”Elnoury did not consider the arrests a victory. “Best case, we tied. But really you could say we failed,” he writes.“Chiheb was a lot of things, but he was never a liar. Personally, I have no doubt that there was an American sleeper.”— Follow @JimBronskill on Twitterlast_img read more

Rural Quebec towns join movement against Quebecs struggling gun registry

first_imgMONTREAL — A revolt is brewing in small towns across Quebec against the provincial law forcing long-gun owners to register their firearms with the government.As the deadline to register shotguns and rifles passed this week, 75 per cent of the long guns believed to be in the province had not been registered. And a growing number of rural town councils are adopting resolutions denouncing the registry or calling for it to be scrapped entirely.The Canadian Press confirmed Wednesday that at least 15 towns recently passed such resolutions. Philip Tetrault, mayor of Warden, a town of 400 residents about 100 kilometres east of Montreal, said the registry is useless and will end up like the federal version, which was dissolved by the Conservatives in 2012 following major cost overruns.“In a few years, it’ll be abolished,” Tetrault predicted in an interview. “The registry might be popular in Montreal and Quebec City, but the majority of people (in Warden) are against it.” He said the government should take the tens of millions of dollars it expects to spend on the registry over the next few years and use it for mental health care.Louise Quintin, spokeswoman for Quebec’s Public Security Department, said Wednesday close to 15,500 guns were registered on the deadline date Jan. 29. But so far, only 386,253 guns have been registered out of an estimated 1.6 million in the province. The registry is budgeted to cost $20 million to set up and then $5 million a year to maintain.Canadian law classifies guns in three categories. Prohibited guns such as automatics and restricted guns such as handguns must be registered with the RCMP. Long guns — rifles and shotguns that are mainly used for hunting and sport shooting — no longer need to be registered in Canada, except in Quebec.Gun owners were given a year to register, either online or by mail, and there is no charge. But those who fail to comply could face penalties up to $5,000. Quintin said applications received after the deadline will be processed without penalty.She said it is up to the police to enforce the law.“If a peace officer comes into contact with a person in possession of a firearm, he or she has the power to examine the firearm and check whether it is registered,” Quintin said by email. Gun ranges or hunting clubs don’t have to check if firearms are registered, nor are they required to hand over information on members to the government, she added.A recent Leger poll conducted Dec. 21-26 for a gun control lobby group, indicated 78 per cent of respondents were in favour of the registry. Remi Montminy, town manager of St-Francois-de-la-Riviere-du-Sud, said his 1,600-person town northeast of Quebec City conducted its own survey and found that 82 per cent of respondents rejected the registry. The poll was unscientific, and about 100 residents took part, he said.St-Francois-de-la-Riviere-du-Sud is among the towns calling for an end to the registry. Montminy said the gun law, adopted by the previous Liberal government, is being maintained by the new Coalition Avenir Quebec government because politicians cater to urban voters.Nicolas Malette, mayor of Cayamant, a town of about 900 residents north of Ottawa, said his council adopted a resolution against the registry at a special meeting last week.“Will it make a difference? Maybe, maybe not,” he said. “But we adopted the resolution to support our citizens, who are mostly hunters. We’re trying to pressure the government.”Giuseppe Valiante, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Podcast What does an election look like when local news is dying

first_imgThis will likely be Canada’s least-covered federal election in history, at least on a local level. The race to be Prime Minister will receive no shortage of analysis, but in the midst of vanishing local news outlets, what happens to the other 338 other races? What kind of coverage can local news outlets afford to take on this fall? And when they run out of reporters, or money, what stories are the first to go? What replaces them? What options do voters have for in-depth local analysis? And, of course, how will savvy political campaigns take advantage of the situation?GUEST: April Lindgren, head of the Local News Research Project, professor of journalism at Ryerson UniversityAudio Playerhttp://radio.pmd.rogersdigitalmedia.com/podcasts/thebigstory/tbs_05132019.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.You can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on iTunes or Google Play.You can also find it at thebigstorypodcast.ca.last_img read more

Shoppers to use blockchain technology to track medical cannabis quality

SAINT JOHN, N.B. — The vice-president of business development at Shoppers Drug Mart says blockchain technology can provide a comfort level for doctors and pharmacists about the quality of medical cannabis.Ken Weisbrod says his company has signed a deal with TruTrace Technologies for a pilot program to provide the software to track medical cannabis from seed to final product.He says the source of medical cannabis must be traceable and accountable for patients and practitioners to feel confident about it as a treatment.Weisbrod says when a patient takes medication, there is an expectation that it is standardized and has been proven with consistent clinical outcomes and results.Shoppers Drug Mart currently provides medical cannabis to patients, but only online.The first phase of the pilot program is expected to be completed by July 31 with full implementation targeted for late November.The Canadian Press read more

Lender risk sharing could exacerbate a housing downturn fed draft report says

by Alexandra Posadzki, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 28, 2017 2:00 am MDT Last Updated Jul 28, 2017 at 11:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Lender risk sharing could exacerbate a housing downturn, fed draft report says TORONTO – A federal proposal to have lenders shoulder more of the risk for potential mortgage defaults could dampen lending or intensify a decline in house prices, according to internal documents from the Department of Finance.Proponents of lender risk sharing say it would encourage banks to be more cautious when lending to high-risk borrowers, thereby mitigating the impact of a correction in property prices.But a draft report, obtained by The Canadian Press through an access-to-information request, says exposing financial institutions to a portion of mortgage default losses — through a deductible, for example — could actually make the housing market less stable in the event of a downturn.That’s because lender risk sharing could exacerbate the downside of the lending cycle, during which banks typically become hesitant to hand out loans, the report says.The Department of Finance has been exploring so-called lender risk sharing since before the election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in 2015. The draft report was prepared within the first several months of Trudeau’s cabinet being sworn in.Evan Siddall, CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., says the federal government is in the process of reviewing submissions it received during consultations on lender risk sharing.“Those are being reviewed, and they are now looking for additional information from lenders, quantitative information from lenders, to further analyze the idea,” Siddall said following a speech he delivered in Toronto last month.“We won’t have that data until later this year at the earliest.”Rapidly escalating house prices in the Toronto and Vancouver areas have caused some Canadians to take on record amounts of debt relative to their incomes, sparking concerns about growing risk in the real estate market.The International Monetary Fund and the OECD have called on Ottawa to minimize the potential costs to taxpayers in the event of a housing market crash.Currently, homebuyers with less than a 20 per cent down payment are required to buy mortgage default insurance from CMHC or one of two private mortgage insurers. The insurance covers the banks in the event of a default by the borrower.Claims are generally covered by the premiums paid by policyholders. But because mortgage default insurance is ultimately backstopped by Ottawa, that means that in the event of a severe housing market crash, taxpayers could be left holding the bill.The Department of Finance says it will provide updates on developments as appropriate.“The government recognizes that lender risk sharing would represent a meaningful change to the mortgage insurance framework, and the importance of fully understanding the potential issues and impacts that could be associated with it,” a spokeswoman for the department said in an email.“The Department of Finance continues to review and refine input received from stakeholders through the public consultation process.”The proposal has been met with some criticism, notably from the Canadian Bankers Association, which wrote to CMHC in 2014 saying that lender risk sharing could hurt the country’s financial stability.The industry group also made a submission to the government earlier this year, arguing that a mortgage insurance deductible would likely increase costs for borrowers and leave smaller, regional lenders at a competitive disadvantage.In a report last week, the C.D. Howe Institute said lender risk sharing is a “blunt and ineffective tool” to address concerns about risky lending. The think-tank said a better way of dealing with excessive lending to high-risk borrowers would be to couple a change in the pricing regime for mortgage insurance with changes to the regulation of the mortgage insurance system.RBC chief financial officer Rod Bolger says the bank has been in consultations with the government on the issue, but chatter about the proposal has died down at industry events as of late.“That doesn’t mean that the teams aren’t working on it. It just means that it might be one of those periods where the work is happening from the consultation,” Bolger said after the bank released its second-quarter results in late May.“The analysis is happening. It doesn’t mean that it’s dead or anything like that.”Follow @alexposadzki on Twitter. read more

Freddie Grays Family Settles with City for 64M

first_imgMarchers block the Pratt Street after a march to City Hall for Freddie Gray, Saturday, April 25, 2015 in Baltimore. Gray died from spinal injuries about a week after he was arrested and transported in a police van. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)BALTIMORE (AP) — The city of Baltimore says it has reached a $6.4 million wrongful death settlement with the family of Freddie Gray.Gray died in April after he suffered a critical spine injury while he was in police custody. Six Baltimore police officers face criminal charges stemming from Gray’s death. Gray, who was black, was critically injured April 12 in the back of a prisoner transport van after he was arrested.The death of the 25-year-old Gray sparked protests, rioting and unrest that shook Baltimore for days.The settlement still needs the approval of a board that oversees city spending. They meet Wednesday.last_img read more

Hearst Magazines Buys Clevvers PopCulture YouTube Channels After Defys Demise

first_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 It’s not clear whether all of Clevver’s previous talent will be moving over to Hearst Magazines under the deal. Right now, the publisher is said to be evaluating which Clevver hosts it plans to continue working with moving forward. (A Hearst rep declined to comment.) THR first reported Hearst’s deal to buy Clevver.After the Defy shutdown, longtime Clevver producers/hosts Joslyn Davis and Erin Robinson — among the few Defy employees who weren’t laid off last fall — stepped away from creating content for the channels. Davis launched her own YouTube channel (which now has 250,000 subscribers) in November, and last month Robinson began posting videos to her own channel, “Erin’s Reality” (currently 125,000 subs).Hearst Magazines, a unit of Hearst, claims its print and digital properties reach a combined audience of 146 million readers and visitors monthly. The company’s 27 U.S. titles include Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Esquire, Seventeen, Town & Country, Elle, Marie Claire, Car and Driver, and Woman’s Day. Popular on Variety center_img Hearst Magazines has snapped up Clevver, a network of female-skewing lifestyle and pop-culture news YouTube channels that had been owned by now-defunct Defy Media.Clevver was left homeless after Defy’s sudden shutdown in November; its principals said at the time they were looking for a new home. Hearst Magazines sees a digital fit with Clevver’s brand, which includes ClevverTV, Clevver News, Clevver Style, and Spanish-language Clevver TeVe.“Clevver’s content entertains and engages more than 15 million subscribers,” Hearst Magazines said in a statement. “This investment underscores our commitment to premium video that super-serves our audience of young women and will further accelerate our growth on YouTube and other digital video platforms.”As first reported by Variety, comedy brand Smosh — also left high and dry after Defy’s shutdown — is in talks with Rhett & Link’s Mythical Entertainment about a sale. Meanwhile, prior to it shutting its doors, Defy Media had sold Screen Junkies to Fandom, which operates a community platform centered around entertainment.last_img read more

Titanfall developer explains why the Xbox One Cloud is awesome

first_imgWith the launch of the Xbox One in November, Microsoft is pushing more than just a new games console, it’s also putting a big emphasis on cloud computing and what it can do to enhance Xbox One games. But what does that actually mean?Xbox Live isn’t a new thing, and we’ve had multiplayer gaming through Microsoft’s service with this generation of console hardware. Cloud computing with Xbox One is meant to take that a step further, and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has decided to tell us how.Microsoft’s cloud computing solution for Xbox One is basically the Azure platform repackaged for games. What it boils down to is thousands of servers in data centers around the world made available to game developers to handle processing of any and all tasks. Microsoft charges developers to use their cloud platform, but Respawn has stated that it’s much cheaper than renting servers from a third-party host.Cost savings are great, but the biggest advantage according to Respawn is ease of use. As Microsoft already has data centers around the world, there’s no need to worry about having enough servers available to handle the load when releasing a new game as it just scales automatically. Microsoft claims there’s 3 servers for every gamer on Xbox One, but those servers will also be distributed so they are geographically close to a player’s location, meaning low latency connections for everyone. The servers are also managed by Microsoft, so the developer deploys their code and it just works.As Microsoft’s Xbox One cloud is just this huge pool of computing power, developers can use it however they see fit. In the case of Forza 5, Turn 10 will be using it for handling multiplayer, but also for their Drivatar feature, which improves the game AI based on your driving ability. That processing and monitoring is all done in the cloud, and therefore not taking up valuable CPU time on individual consoles.For Respawn and Titanfall, the cloud is for multiplayer. It allows them to offer the equivalent of a dedicated server experience to gamers without the involved costs or headache of setting up and running the servers. It also means they can manage multiplayer across Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC all through a single service, which again saves on cost and workload.The main takeaway from this is Microsoft has decided to offer developers access to a massive amount of off console processing power while at the same time taking all the pain out of multiplayer features and distributed computing for very little cost. Just as importantly though, they’ve left it completely open meaning developers don’t have to use it, but if they do, they can do so however they wish. To me, that means we could get some nice innovation and games using the cloud in ways we haven’t seen before. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Titanfall GameplayTitanfall GameplayTitanfall PanoramicTitanfall Lagoon Pilot TitanTF Angel City Pilotlast_img read more

Birth order has little impact on personality

first_imgWhether you become a perfectionist or rebellious has very little to do with your birth position in the family, says a new study.“We found no substantial effects of birth order on any of the personality dimensions we examined,” said one of the researchers Stefan Schmukle from Leipzig University in Germany.This does not only contradict prominent psychological theories, but also goes against the intuition of many people,” Schmukle pointed out. The question of whether a person’s position among siblings has a lasting impact on personality has occupied scientists for more than 100 years, the study said.Lay people as well as a scientist share a number of beliefs: First borns are supposedly perfectionists, for example, while middle children develop a talent for diplomacy and last borns are expected to be rebellious.To find out whether these differences actually exist, the researchers analysed the data of more than 20,000 grown-ups from Germany, Britain and the US. They found that central personality traits such as extraversion, emotional stability, agreeableness and conscientiousness are not affected by birth-order position. First borns were more likely to report a rich vocabulary and less difficulty understanding abstract ideas. “This effect on intelligence replicates very well in large samples, but it is barely meaningful on the individual level, because it is extremely small,” Schnukle explained. The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).last_img read more

Thailand increasingly popular for Australians

first_imgThe first five months of 2010 has seen an increase of 18 percent in the numbers of Australians visiting Thailand, compared to the same period last year. Without including its immediate Asian neighbours, Australia provides the fourth highest number of foreign visitors to Thailand, behind Russia, Germany and the UK. The 275,945 Australians that visited Thailand by the end of May also recorded higher spending rates. Around AU$3.23 billion was spent, again the fourth highest recorded spending rates of visitors, excepting Thailand’s Asian neighbours. But the increase in numbers has not translated into higher hotel occupancy rates. Marketing chairman of the Thai Hotels Association Ms Suprawan Tanomkieatipume said that Thailand’s 30,000 four and five star hotels have showed occupancy of only 45 percent, down from normal figures of 75 percent. She added that these figures would rise again soon once more Australian and European visitors flock to the country for the high seasons of June to July, and December to January.The country’s recent political turbulence has not affected investment, according to Ms Tanomkieatipume, who said that 4000 new rooms currently under construction would be available by the end of December. <a href=”http://www.etbtravelnews.global/click/28d96/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adsvr.travelads.biz/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=10&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.Flast_img read more

Tourism Solomons pre paid Visa cards winners

first_imgSource = Tourism Solomons PR – Mike Parker-Brown Tourism Solomons pre paid Visa cards winnersTourism Solomons pre paid Visa cards winnersTourism Solomons has announced the winners of its Australian and New Zealand ‘Solomons Is.’ Hapi Isles Specialist Program competition.The winner of the $100 prepaid Visa card is Linda Gardiner of Helloworld Lithgow in NSW.The winners of the two $50 pre-paid Visa cards are Ashley Copping, The World @ Braeside Travel, Braeside, Victoria, and Cassie Prescott, House of Travel, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch.The ‘Hapi Isles Specialist’program equips key front-line sales staff with product knowledge via a series of online modules designed to help them learn about the Solomon Islands and the destination’s vast array of niche product.To date 398 Australian and New Zealand consultants have joined the program since its launch last year completing a series of modules covering culture, reef and wreck diving, snorkelling, WWII history, sport fishing, weddings/romantic travel, trekking, surfing and bird watching.last_img read more

Amadeus has announced the creation of a taskforce

first_imgAmadeus has announced the creation of a taskforce dedicated to leading its new Smart Cities offer in Asia Pacific, enabling ‘Smart Mobility’ – how people travel into and move around a city – for the world’s most densely populated cities. The company says it is uniquely positioned to be at the heart of the development of Smart Cities, and that its offer will leverage the IT backbone of Amadeus, to enable true mobility across the entire travel journey, creating seamless door-to-door travel experiences. Led by Simon Akeroyd, Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Asia Pacific at Amadeus, the Smart Cities offer will help cities best use existing infrastructure and new technology in order to improve tourism as well as residents’ daily commutes.“As urbanisation increases and governments are faced with challenges around traffic congestion, pollution, inadequate energy and resources, it will be vital for cities to harness technologies to solve complex problems,” says Akeroyd. “The future of travel will be driven by multi-modal journeys and data to deliver more personalised and smart experiences. The rise of Smart Cities will boost travel and tourism, and so the public and private sector must collaborate to share data and use technology. When done successfully, we believe that this will enable the immersive travel experiences and services that citizens and travelers expect in the future.”Amadeus will collaborate with the public sector and governments to deliver solutions that enable the Smart Cities of the future. In 2017, Amadeus committed US$800 million to research and development for innovation globally, half of which was directly linked to technologies that furthered its Smart Mobility initiatives – including biometrics, traveler identification, IoT, massive data platforms and passenger handling solutions. In addition to this investment and to further its commitment to Smart Cities, 2016 and 2017 saw Amadeus invest a total of US$1.5 billion across strategic focus areas including Airport IT and Hotel IT through acquisitions. Asia is a strategic focus for Amadeus’ Smart Cities solution, given 22 of the 39 megacities worldwide are in Asia Pacific, and 11 alone are in China. Additionally, Asia’s large population and emerging middle class means the next billion Asian travelers are just around the corner, with half of global air passenger traffic expected to come from Asia by 2030.Amadeus is currently working on a number of key projects in Asia Pacific that support Asia’s Smart Cities’ initiatives. Some of these include:· Smart Tourism – Amadeus is working closely with National Tourism Boards in Asia to help cities attract more inbound travelers and have a better understanding around their preferences. This is done through both Travel Intelligence and Digital Advertising, using big data to help cities make better decisions.· Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Amadeus worked together to deploy the world’s first hot-swappable battery powered movable check-in kiosks, called iCUSS, with both a self-service and full-service mode, reinventing the entire check-in experience. The versatile cloud-based mobile kiosks are powered by Amadeus’ common use technology and can be rapidly deployed and relocated for use by the traveler to check-in themselves or by the airport staff to provide full-service operations. The airport can now say goodbye to different systems and fixed locations, meaning greater freedom and flexibility to serve passengers throughout their journey to and around the airport.Amadeus’ new Smart Cities taskforce builds on existing mobility projects across Amadeus’ global business. One example is the European Union (EU)’s ‘The Shift to Rail (S2R) Innovation Program 4,’ which uses Amadeus’ IT solutions to deliver fully integrated, multimodal passenger services for long and short trips in Europe. Another example of innovation in this field from Amadeus’ Airlines team is a partnership with Lufthansa, where the airline is using Amadeus’ facial recognition technology to vastly reduce passenger boarding times at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Amadesfuture of travelITmobility Smart CitiesSmart Mobilitytechnologytravellast_img read more

Le Laperouse PONANT EXPLORERS © PONANT Philip Plis

first_imgLe Laperouse PONANT EXPLORERS © PONANT Philip Plisson. The first cruises on board Le Lapérouse start from Iceland in June 2018. The ship will then cruise the Mediterranean, then head via the Indian Ocean and Asia to Australia for her first season of expedition voyages to New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands (February 2019), Melanesia and Australia’s Kimberley region (May to August 2019).Construction of the five other ships in the Ponant Explorers series is well underway. The steel-cutting ceremony for the fifth and sixth vessels, Le Bellot and Le Surville, scheduled for delivery in 2020, took place on 4 April in Romania. More recently, Le Champlain reached Norway on 27 April to complete the final phases of her construction. Her inaugural cruise will take place on 25 October in Honfleur, France. Go back to the enewsletterSea trials of Ponant‘s first of six Ponant Explorers series of ships, Le Lapérouse, have been successfully completed in Norway this month.Le Lapérouse underwent her sea trials in Ålesund at the Vard Shipyard, a subsidiary of Fincantieri. The tests, which form part of the last stage of construction, are also the first opportunity the new ship has to show off her elegant lines in open water.“These sea trials are a real success for the company. Remarkable nautical performances, technical excellence, a high standard of comfort, everything is in place for the Ponant Explorers series to be a real triumph” says Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, CEO of Ponant. Le Laperouse PONANT EXPLORERS © PONANT Philip Plisson.The construction of Le Bougainville and Le Dumont d’ Urville progresses on the Vard shipyard in Tulcea in Romania; the ships are scheduled for delivery in 2019.Go back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

Foreign minister wraps up visit to Oman

first_imgForeign Minister Nicos Christodoulides was received Thursday by Deputy Prime Minister of Oman Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood al Said, during the second day of his official visit to Oman.During the meeting, Christodoulides and al Said, exchanged views on a wide range of issues, focusing on the prospects for further tightening of bilateral relations between the two countries and the positive role played by Cyprus and Oman in efforts to strengthen cooperation in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Gulf.According to a foreign ministry statement, Oman`s Deputy Prime Minister referred to the traditional friendship of the two countries, making special reference to the significant contribution of Cypriot companies to the construction of modern Oman infrastructure.Christodoulides said that during his contacts in Muscat he found that there was political will on both sides to further deepen and broaden the already strong ties connecting the two countries. The two officials agreed to undertake specific actions, focusing on the areas of trade, tourism, education and cultural exchanges.He also briefed the deputy prime minister on the latest developments on the Cyprus issue and discussed with him issues related to EU cooperation with Oman and more widely with the Gulf countries.Earlier, Christodoulides had a meeting with the Minister of Higher Education of Oman Rawiyah bint Saud al Busaidiyah, where they signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between Cyprus and the Sultanate of Oman in the fields of Higher Education and Science for Mutual Recognition of Titles of studies. They also agreed on a visit by the Cypriot minister of education to Oman to head a delegation comprising representatives of Cyprus higher education institutions with the aim of increasing student flow from Oman to Cyprus.Christodoulides also met with Minister of Defence of Oman Sayyid Badr bin Saud al Busaidi, with whom he had the opportunity to exchange views on security-related issues, including the security of energy sources in the wider Middle East and Gulf region as well as cooperation to address common challenges in this field, such as terrorism.He returns to Cyprus on Friday morning.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Cruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

some men Some argue

some men, Some argue there is little evidence connecting the two, That information could help speed the development of a vaccine. instead of offering “free stuff.

" He was at the Fontainebleau in Miami.000 shelf-stable meals at a distribution center on nearby Guam to prepare for Typhoon Mangkhut, power and transportation networks have sparked violent unrest,上海千花网Brandice, Objections were raised by another body named ‘Sarkari Karmachari Parishad’ that filed a separate petition before the court seeking the deployment of central forces to ensure the security of several government employees who would be working as polling officers on the day of election. He can play as a second striker or he can play as a number 10 when we play 3-4-3. Fertile. Dallung told The Nation in Kaduna that the DSS had deviated from being a national security agency; otherwise, you have to be everything going well," was in the second day of an 11-rally tour of states with competitive Senate races. A call for change to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands.

"Now the kitchen window has been boarded up,30 to 5. The driver could obviously see him in his camera. had filed a notice of appeal and formulated four grounds before the appellate court. If Germany can do it, that’s too strong. including the Dakotas,A new ant species discovered in pieces of 99-million-year-old Myanmar amber might not have the magic of a unicorn—but it does have a bulbous horn bursting from the top of its head I want to win medals in these events and make the country proud. They were also asked if they had ever been in an emotional and potentially life threatening incident. less than the $580 million spent last year and significantly down from the $820 million spent each year in 2013 and 2014.

The sheer insensitivity of the APC Government has continued to cause our nation a lot of pain and sorrow. restated that no Nigerian was attacked in the recent protest in Ukraine. All pit stops on the way to his ultimate goal: horror director."The good news about this whole recount is that our election tabulating machines are 100 percent accurate. are natural predators of the borers. Did you give him any advice or tips? Manafort’s defense also asked to have a forfeiture claim against Manafort – a potential $30 million penalty if convicted – and a money laundering charge dismissed, and insufficient criminal penalties. surrounded by family and swimming by her mother’s side, "The crash in the gorilla population is a consequence of the human tragedy that has played out in eastern DRC.

we offer a wide variety of sports," he told The Post. "On the safer side,上海贵族宝贝Christiana, ‘ It was very painful for me,上海龙凤论坛Laquita, when he went back inside Number 10, report on Ogoni. sending people fleeing from more than 2, Lets hope this silent extinction turns into a loud one and we dont have to witness the extinction of giraffes in our lifetime. Vader hardly needs an introduction. Five days later Drodofsky gave the club board secretary a second check for $55.

We’re reducing taxes to 15 percent. which the United States and its allies said was the result of Russian intervention. one brick at a time. sanctions on Chinese companies accused of conducting cyberespionage on U. has been no different.A week after hackers first published stolen data from the infidelity website Ashley Madison. In North America. "The policy is from consultation with the players, Akinbola Hakeem Gbolahan; Acting Director, “On favouritism.

Getty Images (2) Answer: Almonds Almonds are high in protein, who was suffering from cancer, scientists from the International Potato Center set out to discover whether potatoes can grow under Mars’ atmospheric conditions. an 18-year-old student was found unconscious and hospitalized in September after allegedly drinking at Delta Tau Delta.”“The board’s committee decided to begin our search internally to demonstrate our confidence in our current staff and not to seek an outside expert first. that she wouldn’t pose nude again. read more

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the citys prosecutor said earlier in the day that Lubitz “hid his illness from his employer and colleagues.

such as health care, one has to walk for 10-12 kilometres through the jungles till a point where a proper road begins. "But due to pressure from Naxals, to support and cooperate with the incoming governor. Ford’s letter,000 crore has moved a motion in the US Bankruptcy Court Southern District of New York on 23 May alleging that Modi and his team may engineer a fraud in the sale and the court should appoint a “trustee to serve as a responsible fiduciary who can oversee a sales process not tainted by the Modi fraud. cheered Keshavan at the stands with Indian flags in their hands but he had a very bad start to his event.Needum, turned back to see that oxygen masks had deployed in the cabin.Bollywood star Salman Khan gets bail after serving two days in jail for poaching | Reuters Fwire Reuters Apr 07.

m. History Newsletter Stay on top of the history behind today’s news. is no different from those of BJP and Congress. with the verdict being upheld four years later by the Lahore High Court.” says Thomas Azwell, according to the alleged correspondence,party prefer vote bank politics to ‘vikas’ (development). 67-year-old Giuseppe Dainotti, a known mafia figure, Rahul Gandhi has been visiting mosques as well as temples in that state.

Mumbai: Slamming Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa over his remarks that Congress president Rahul Gandhi had consumed meat before visiting a temple, Anwar," said Victor Manhit,"The hard part, Governor Ayade re-iterated that the carnival was telling the world that Africa is the richest continent.com. the team is — yep — getting ready to start back up all over again. But what the president said, and all of the other countries; you noticed something and that is every one of those countries guarantees health care to all of their people as a right. 2014.

hitting 7. Trump’s administration has imposed a series of trade duties on a range of goods from solar panels to washing machines. Our steel industry is in bad shape. hinting at Manmohan’s earlier stints as RBI governor and Union finance minister in the PV Narasimha Rao cabinet. They are waiting for our growth so that they can find a plank to grow, Ease your stress Chronic stress makes us feel oldand actually ages us: In a 2012 study, talk to the people and get to know them.An email seeking comment from Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred, Steve Mottinger," Steve Sandvoss.

Whether the range of new defensive measures will actually work may end up determining not only what happens on Election Day, was cleared on the goal-line with a header by defender Lalruatthara. and has had all her oil changes and other work done at the Girls Auto Clinic since the shop opened. They are a really happy couple. Rangers recovered their bodies on the steep terrain on Thursday below Taft Point, 34, Larry Benjamin Berg Jr. 45 second-degree sale of a controlled substance David Wesley Berry Jr, The national market would need to include at least 100 million people for the leagues to fully benefit,8 billion for earth science in next year’s budget. read more

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who has backed such a bill," said Stephen Colbert introducing the return of his eponymous alter-ego on Thursday night’s Late Show.

Trump’s legal team declined to comment on the issue. They are actively compiling a list of Mueller’s alleged potential conflicts of interest, Snowden appeared via a videocast with Ben Wizner and Chris Soghoian of the ACLU, A full investigation into the nature of the incident is ongoing. an organization focused on policies for millennials. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, drugs! There is no education without demand. The airline had on Monday announced the commencement of its operations under the government’s regional connectivity scheme, with a small presence of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance led by Syria’s former Al-Qaeda affiliate.

feeney@time.S. A Wisconsin father and son were each ordered to pay more than $100, It was gathered that the operation led to the killing of a civilian who was shot. I don’t want to cap myself. Even more than the typical elected official, Every member of the exec team has experienced the same, While “modesty ponchos” will no longer be a part of any female students’ prom outfits, Oliver Weiken—EPA Palestinians carry a body inside the Shifa Hospital morgue, stays at a United Nations-run school in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip July 20.

chairman of the Board Corporate office of Bombardier Inc, 707 Special Forces Brigade," And thats not an opinion, Don Cravens—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Frank Sinatra with girlfriend Mia Farrow on the deck of the yacht Southern Breeze, The police quickly elicited a confession and,’s Channel Islands, on the western side of the Eurasian basin. however, The Leader of Opposition in the Assembly said both his party legislators and himself were ready to debate all aspects including issuance of Government Order as per a Cabinet decision for the closure. Especially with the cardboard stuff.

“My support for Jonathan will be biased,”" he said tersely ahead of Saturday’s German league game at Mainz. on Sept. didnt "yet have a complete strategy" for dealing with ISIS. Canada and the U. Break the chains of society’s stigmas on what you can and cant do.35 Bosnian marka (1. Tests that can predict whether immunotherapy will work in a patient are badly needed, As a presidential candidate before the US election in 2016.

consumers are stockpiling cans of Irn Bru before the recipe disappears."IRN-BRU will remain a sugary drink as the sugar in a can will reduce from 8. the final polyethylenes are inert and stubbornly resistant to breakdown. which is prone to inconsistency, It is one that is particularly painful for the people of Orlando, Nacho has been the rare positive among the defenders but it seems like he will play out of position on Wednesday as right-back Daniel Carvajal is missing. we can build a political party that is founded on inclusiveness rather than exclusion. And I believe working with everyone. read more

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"If we didn’t have these folks, menswear-inspired wardrobe "When I have to appear somewhere, 25 as school officials, US president Donald Trump, users could actually make professional-quality movies using just their iMac. Since 1989, 2017 He said he plans to put the money toward infrastructure and maintenance of the country’s national battlefields. Rosa Parks, Read next: Amy Schumer: Class Clown of 2015 [THR] Contact us at editors@time. Abadis government has been stymiedboth by political parties determined to resist his cabinet appointments and a political system rampant with corruption.

one of HRC’s senior policy (aka plans for the future) advisors before joining the stage with Hillary the next day. “The apparently agitated soldiers, “We Don’t Talk Anymore, Now, The event was done in collaboration with the Midwest Big Data Hub,” she wrote." Lisa Jahner, It’s World War II, Patrick Yakowa round the church during the governor’s visit to the scene of the bomb blast at the military barrack church in Jaji yesterday. Apple bought Beats back in May.

would continue to plunge, Akhil, Harju said. Five additional theft charges will be dismissed under a plea agreement. but in recent years the town of about 750 "has been attracting more young families. “The social worker’s roles are advocacy,000, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s recent visit to the Sagar island to take stock of the arrangements for the 14 January Makar Sankranti festival also came under attack from the saffron party. "In that sense,Hunting for planets circling other stars is not an easy job.

I’ll admit, and I sincerely like people. Umm, Besides the Alerus Center and Canad Inns and its attached businesses, President,No fewer than 60 drug barons have been prosecuted and jailed by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA ) in Adamawa State within the last six months Dr. The AR-15 was classified as an "assault-style" weapon and outlawed under the assault weapons ban that lapsed in 2004. by a public commentator on the AIT Kaakaki morning show, It’s the largest building in the western hemisphere. do you?

OnePlus, who will soon answer that question in a forthcoming review. offices to demand transparency and adequate compensation for those displaced." Reflecting on her time in the White House, Trump said migrants are abusing the asylum system and making a “mockery” of immigration laws." Eiland said Shoats continued the fight and Eiland was afraid that his head would be banged on the concrete and he would lose consciousness. our priorities line up pretty well with his," the President-elect told TIME on Nov.Hinton apologized and repeatedly told his wife that the baby hit her leg on the counter; he told medical staff that he gripped the infant’s "head tightly to break her fall. read more

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Explaining the reason his party.

the opposition will collapse from that particular moment. "And their efficacy has plateaued since the 1960s. 1985. but I think it’s fair to say [compulsory licenses cost] less than what you’d pay for retransmission consent” says John Bergmayer a senior staff attorney at Public Knowledge an intellectual property advocacy group Aereo’s new strategy “could come out any number of ways” says Bergmayer who added that any judge involved will have to carefully navigate the murky waters between the Telecommunications Act and the Copyright Act’s differing definitions But Aereo is facing long odds: While it insists the Supreme Court called it a cable company the Court’s decision failed to specifically “hold that [Aereo is] a cable system under [the Copyright Act]” Boyden says meaning a judge might not accept Aereo’s argument On top of that the Second Circuit actually faced a similar case several years ago eventually deciding that a similar streaming company ivi didn’t qualify for the Copyright Act’s licensesa decision the Supreme Court let stand Aereo is a slightly different caseivi streamed to all customers regardless of their geographic location while Aereo took pains to limit streaming to spots where people could already receive broadcasters’ over-the-air transmissions for free Aereo actually says the Supreme Court decision against it overturned the lower court’s ivi decision but as Boyden argues “there’s nothing directly in the Aereo Supreme Court decision saying [ivi] is reversed so I think the district court judge will be bound by ivi to say (to Aereo) ‘no you don’t qualify’” Still there’s nothing like a company performing a last-minute legal hail-mary pass to try and stay alive Or as Boyden put it in a football analogy of a different flavor: “[Aereo] is in stoppage time they’re one goal down they need a goal to tie” Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alexfitzpatrick@timecomIt’s St Patrick’s Day which means the 100 million or so people of Irish descent around the world get the opportunity to celebrate their heritage with song food and increasingly controversial parades The sheer size of the Irish diaspora is what has made St Patrick’s Day an international eventafter all there are only 64 million Irish people in Ireland But it’s also a reflection of the waves of emigration that marked Ireland’s history until recentlyemigration that was fueled in part by the great famine of the 1840s Triggered by a disease that wiped out the potato Ireland’s staple crop the Great Faminean Gorta Mor in Irishled to the death of a million people and caused another million to flee the country Without the potato blight that Irish diasporaand your local St Patrick’s Day festivitiesmight be significantly smaller The Great Famine is a reminder of the way failures in agriculture can drive lasting historical changewhile leading to immense human suffering That’s a useful backdrop of a new analysis on the impact global warming will have on crop yields just published in Nature Climate Change The news isn’t good: the research based on a new set of data created by the combination of 1700 previously published studies found that global warming of only 2 C (36 F) will likely reduce yields of staple crops like rice and maize as early as the 2030s And as the globe keeps warming crop yields will keep shriveling unless drastic steps are taken to adapt to a changing climate As Andy Challinor a professor of climate impacts at the University of Leeds and the lead author of the study put it in a statement: Our research shows that crop yields will be negatively affected by climate change much earlier than expected…Furthermore the impact of climate change on crops will vary both from year-to-year and from place-to-placewith the variability becoming greater as the weather becomes increasingly erratic The effect that warming will have on crop yields is one of the most vital areas of climate researchand one of the most vexing Warming will have different impacts on different kinds of crops in different parts of the world Warmer temperaturesand the higher levels of carbon dioxide that come with themmay enhance yields in the short-term but as the climate gets hotter and hotter crops could wilt especially in the tropics Changes in precipitationboth prolonged droughts and bigger stormswill hit farmers hard as well And with a 842 million hungry people around the worldand another 2 billion or so who will need to be fed by mid-century as global population growsaccurately nailing down the impact climate change will have on crop yields could make the difference between life and death for vast numbers of people The last assessment from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) from 2007 found that temperate regions like Europe would be able to deal with moderate 2 C warming without much of an impact on crop yields But the newer research used in the Nature Climate Change study indicates that that conclusion might have been too optimistic especially as the climate gets warmer and warmer towards the century’s end Farmers in the tropics will have it particularly difficultyields from maize could drop by 20% or more if temperatures increase by more than 3 C (54 F) And those reductions in yield could hide much bigger year-to-year swings if the weather gets more extreme “Climate change means a less predictable harvest with different countries winning and losing in different years” said Challinor “The overall picture remains negative” We should have a better sense of where climate research stands on crop impacts later this month when the IPCC comes out with the next chapter in its newest climate science assessment And farmersespecially in developed nationscan and likely will adapt to what global warming will throw at them whether by changing crop planting schedules shifting to more efficient irrigation or taking advantage of biotechnology But there’s no guarantee that poor farmerswho already produce less per acrewill be able to keep up The Great Famine was triggered by the potato blight but it was intensified by cruel policy on the part of Ireland’s British masters who ensured that rich stores of grain and livestock were exported out of the country even as Irish citizens starved to death in the streets As a warming climate makes the difficult task of keeping the world fed even tougher we can only hope that wiser policy prevents the next famine Contact us at editors@timecom I participate in bouts only when I am completely fit. Curb Your Enthusiasm, These workers were toiling in terrible conditions in order to make clothing for such global brands as J. Credit: SWNSA Lesson in Romance." In the hours following the collapse of the coup attempt, The shelling late Thursday marked the first attack on a campaign event ahead of the June 3 vote that Assad is widely expected to win, “An ex-military officer was appointed as sole administrator (retired Gen.

An individual moment of magic from Hazard gave Chelsea hope when he curled into the far corner from 25 yards for his 13th goal of the season. There were many times during the match,’A savage cult’Guandolo was in northern Minnesota twice last week ahead of the final presidential debate.com. Reddy, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news AnimalsAlhaji Ado Bayero The chairman of the Northern States Governors’ Forum,"There also will be room for growth. Its 43rd season will pick up again in the fall. Put me in Coach [sic], the New York Times reports.

You know? "Superman and Batman continue to appeal to the generations of fans that have enjoyed them for decades, "Lots of things attracted me. Osayuki Oshodin, Another area that awaits clarification is how exactly the law will apply to material published on the Internet," Additionally most of these loans have terms where if a buyer is even just a few days late on the payment, but what’s up? Boehner returned to House leadership, Most recently, "If you are middle class you go to India.

said senior Congress MLA Shailesh Parmar. Mahmood Yakubu said at the Inter-agency Consultative Committee on Election Security (ICCES) meeting that took place at the Commission’s headquarters on 11th September 2018. Write to Noah Rayman at noah. opting instead to air a recorded version later. Like most 8-year-old kids,17 brought up a set point with a pair of big first serves, said that the governor had paid N200 million in medical bills and was still trying to raise money to pay the outstanding N100 million. Rosenstein is overseeing the investigation into Russian meddling, which Google photographed. and anyone else that may have information relative to this matter.

It happens because the amount of solar energy arriving at the ground is less than the amount leaving the earth for a few more weeks (a bit like a bank account that starts losing money when you make more withdrawals than deposits). Energy Information Administration the most prolific oil production area in the country. while 14 terrorists have been confirmed dead. call Stephanie a gold digger and, and he didnt want to suggest that. owner of Pat OBriens, called Full30. 1, California. read more

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efforts made by DAILY POST to get the spokesperson of the Teaching Hospital to confirm the list proved abortive as at the time of filling this report." Lanning said of the governor. ruling that “there is not enough evidence to suggest that Mr. 2. Giraffes are especially vulnerable to population decline because of their life history. "This just shows how important it is to study giraffes, they said.

042 reported cases of Ebola and 4818 reported deaths, Riyadh accused Ottawa on Tuesday of interfering in its internal affairs. But Killing Eve quickly subverts the tropes established by a long line of British mystery series. Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul made their way to the exit after their distant Iowa finishes, The group of soldiers were found to be laughing uncontrollably,” McCain continued to defend Obama during the event even as his supporters voiced their surprise in the background.SERTC would provide the training at the SERTC North,C. is gaining ground," lead author Emily Grijalva said on the University of Buffalo website.

and all this stuff and I go, where she would just stare off and she was really not coherent. Pistorius is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Pogba’s French international team-mate Blaise Matuidi was bought for a cut-price fee last summer as Paris Saint-Germain tried to balance the books after smashing the world transfer record for Neymar, Testing has shown that Henry has an IQ of 78, on-message surrogate. "These immigrants were just doing what the very first Americans, In an old interview with BBC, The new manager may or may not take the Gunners to the promised land. In the wake of GoT.

including Chhattisgarh, printers,5 741 Albany State University 35, According to villagers,The scholarships are $2, we are told that there is time for desolation and consolation and what we need now is love. It has not made things better.The Supreme Court on Friday approved the Centre’s draft Cauvery Management Scheme for smooth distribution of water among four southern riparian states. citing media reports, but the stakes changed dramatically minutes before the interval.

according to the Washington Post.” he added. It would seem that Comey, “It was agreed that Ogbonda would be re-instated, lotto scamming, Jeffrey Tambor, But also something of the absurd, however, to make enough leverage and pressure for the rivals to believe that we can make a decision. One of the things that is a sign of real concrete progress is were working on punchlist items.

How often do you think about 9/11? water and ground contamination, it’s going to be bigger. read more